3 Ways Fort Collins Professionals Can Beat the Work From Home Blues

Over the past twenty years, technological changes have revolutionized not just how people work, but where they work. That’s something we’ve seen in Fort Collins, CO, and nearby areas like Loveland, Windsor, Greeley, Johnstown, and Cheyenne, WY. Simply put, more professionals work from home in Fort Collins than ever before, and their numbers seem to increase every year.

Unfortunately, working from home isn’t for everyone. At Office Evolution® Fort Collins, we’ve noticed a phenomenon that we call the “work from home blues.” While most people expect working from home will be a dream come true, many find that it’s nowhere near as enjoyable as they imagined.

The good news? Many cases of the work from home blues can be solved with a few key adjustments.

1. Rethink Where and How You Work

If working from home feels unpleasant, that might be because you haven’t designed a functional work environment. Research has shown that workspace design has a big impact not just on productivity, but on the happiness and health of workers. Unfortunately, a lot of work from home professionals don’t put as much thought as they should into their home workspace.

So if you don’t have a proper home office, now’s the time to get one set up. Choose a design that aligns with smart home office design principles. Key considerations should include the ergonomics of your workspace, the amount of natural light it receives, minimization of distractions, and the way you choose to organize your space.

2. Get Out and See the World

When you work and live inside the same four walls, it’s easy to start feeling a little claustrophobic. Sometimes, you can go days without stepping outside your front door or talking to another person outside of your family. Work from home professionals often report feeling boxed in, and feelings of loneliness are commonly reported by those who do their job from home.

Often, it takes effort to avoid these feelings of isolation and “home office fever.” So find time in your workday and your schedule to get outside and see other people. Take a short walk through your neighborhood each morning or afternoon, spend one or two evenings a week with friends or colleagues, and use your weekends as a chance to escape. You can also try co-working with shared office space from Office Evolution Fort Collins.

3. Try a Shared Workspace

If you work from home in the Fort Collins area, you might want to consider a shared workspace membership at Office Evolution Fort Collins. Shared workspaces are the perfect way to beat the work from home blues. They give you a space where you can be productive and a place within a thriving professional community. Best of all, you can use a shared workspace as often or as little as you want. So if you still want to spend some of your workweek at home, you can.

At Office Evolution Fort Collins, our shared workspace memberships offer access to our co-working area and so much more. Members of our co-working community enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi, access to key office equipment, discounts on meeting room rentals, and a range of other benefits. We’re the perfect home office away from your home office when you work from home in Fort Collins.

Beat the work from home blues with Office Evolution Fort Collins. Call 970-212-3300 today to claim one free hour of access to our shared workspace and learn more about your membership options.

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