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The value of virtual products

Think back to March 2020.


Waking up to cool Colorado air, likely a dusting of snow, and a surprise text from your boss mentioning how the company will work remotely for the next two weeks due to a public health concern.


As shocking as the news is, you don’t fear. The 6am local news anchor mentions how public officials assume this strange virus will weaken within the coming days.


Feeling excited that you no longer have to commute in Denver traffic, you close your eyes to catch an extra hour of sleep.


The buzzing of your 7:00 am alarm peels your crusty eyes apart.


You roll over and check your phone and the time.


Three years, and one hour, have passed.


It’s March of 2023, and you’re taken aback by how quickly the last three years have flown by.


What even happened in the last three years?


Maybe you started a business, changed careers, or moved cities.


No matter what move you made, it’s likely you were part of the near 50% of Americans who transitioned into remote work since 2020.1


According to industry observers, the surge in remote work, which some labor experts have deemed “the biggest change to American working and living conditions since World War II,” is poised to continue and become a more permanent feature starting in 2023.


As 2020 forced businesses and entrepreneurs to adapt and pivot to maintain longevity, the focus has now shifted from how to survive, to how to recapture customers and growth in 2023.


Throughout the years, businesses of all sizes and across various industries have sought out innovative ways to launch new products and services, all while navigating the challenges presented by remote work.


So, how are entrepreneurs managing to do this?


While devoting a larger budget to marketing is an obvious tool, many are taking advantage of virtual office services, virtual assistants, and rethinking what it means to work from home.


The surge in virtual offices is allowing businesses to establish a physical presence in a competitive market, expand their business across multiple cities, and stay connected with their customer base, all while working remotely.


Office Evolution is one of the leading providers of virtual office space solutions, offering members the ability to work wherever they choose and maintain a professional business presence while saving on overhead costs.


So, what exactly is a virtual office space, how is it fostering business growth, and who needs one?


Simply put, a virtual office space is a membership plan within Office Evolution  that includes a professional business address at a desired location and zip code. Based on the membership type, it allows businesses to send and receive mail (rather than using their personal home address) and take advantage of additional administrative services as well such as phone reception and mail scanning. Virtual office plans are designed to meet the needs of businesses that don’t require a physical office space every day but still desire a professional business presence for needs such as client or vendor meetings.


At Office Evolution , virtual office members can work whenever and wherever they’d like, thanks to the company’s large and growing location base throughout the United States and here in the greater Denver metro area. This flexibility makes it easy to work from a location that’s convenient for you, whether that’s in your home office, a coffee shop, or our flex space. This allows businesses to reduce their overhead costs, by only paying for the services they need, when they need them.


Below, we’ll review a few of the key benefits you receive after opting into a virtual office space.


Class A Office Address

One of the key benefits of a virtual office address is the ability to gain access to a prestigious Class A office business address, which can be used online and in other marketing materials. This gives businesses an official address that’s more professional than a PO box or home address, helping to enhance their credibility and reputation. This can be especially important for small businesses and startups that are trying to establish themselves in their industry.


Search Engine Optimization

One surprising benefit of having a virtual office address is its ability to improve search engine optimization (SEO)! Google and other search engines favor businesses with a physical location, so having a virtual office address that’s associated with a well-respected co-working space like Office Evolution can help improve your brand’s online visibility. Since search engine optimization is all about increasing traffic to the business’s website, a prominent business address listed can help drive more qualified leads and customers to your site.


Mail and Package Handling

When it comes to mail and package handling, Office Evolution has got you covered. Gone are the days of stacks of packages and work materials setting up shop in your living room.


Members can enjoy features like a private locked mailbox, mail drop-off, and pickup services, secure receipt of deliveries, mail handling, mail forwarding, and digital mail scanning. This allows businesses to focus on their core business activities, without worrying about missing important mail or packages.


Live Receptionist

In addition to the mail and package handling services, virtual office members at Office Evolution  also can benefit from a live receptionist answering and screening service. This adds an extra layer of professionalism to the virtual office address, by providing a real, trained professional to answer calls and provide information to clients and vendors.


Upgrade as Business Grows

Office Evolution  virtual office plans are designed to be flexible, with monthly agreements that can be upgraded to shared desk space, dedicated space, or private office in a design-forward, upscale contemporary office surroundings, when your company grows beyond its current bounds. This makes Office Evolution  an ideal place to test the waters before setting up workspaces for remote employees or establishing roots in designated locations. Businesses can also establish multiple addresses, expanding its functional reach and online visibility.


From the flexibility to work from anywhere, to having a prestigious business address that can be used on marketing materials, a virtual office allows businesses to project a professional image, without the cost and commitment of a traditional office space. With the rise of remote work and the increasing need for flexibility, a virtual office has become an essential tool for any modern business looking to expand its reach and maintain a professional image.



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