4 Tips on Small Office Rentals in Greensboro

There’s never been a better time to rent small office space in Greensboro NC. Until recently, options were limited for small office rentals. That’s finally starting to change. Small businesses can now choose from a range of innovative workspace solutions, including new generation of small office rental options.

At Office Evolution® Greensboro, we’re thrilled to see these changes taking place. The business world has never been more fluid or faster paced. If small businesses are going to keep up, they’ll need access to flexible, forward-thinking office space. Today, our city’s best small office rentals are delivering on that promise.

Find the Small Office Rentals You’ve Always Wanted

Whether you’re a solopreneur looking for your first workspace, a home-based small business owner who needs a more professional location, or a medium-sized business opening a satellite office, it’s now easier than ever to find a great small office rental in Greensboro. Here are four tips on how to make that happen.

  1. Square Footage vs. “Shared” Footage. Shared work environments are the perfect workspace solution for modern start-ups and emerging businesses. Renting a private office in a shared workspace is the ideal way to optimize every dollar you spend on a small office rental in Greensboro. You’ll have private square footage for productivity and one-on-one meetings, plus access to “shared footage” such as a coworking space, a break room, and meeting areas.
  2. Join a Community with Character. A private office rental in a shared workspace doesn’t just give you access to more room and more resources. It also gives you a place within a dynamic professional community. Finding the right community can be a huge boon to your work life, boosting your energy, improving your mood, and giving you new opportunities to network.
  3. Professional Services for Small Business. Another popular option with modern start-ups and solopreneurs is serviced office space. Many small office rentals now include professional services, perfect for small business owners who lack the resources and support staff of larger companies. These services — which include telephone answering, call screening, and mail management — can give a one-person or two-person business a much bigger presence.
  4. View Spaces Through Clients’ Eyes. How will your new office impact your relationships with existing clients? How will it influence your ability to attract new business? These are key questions if you’re planning on hosting clients (or investors) at your new office. Look for small office rentals that include access to meeting areas and conference rooms and include amenities for guests, like free Wi-Fi or complimentary beverages.

Small Office Space in Greensboro

At Office Evolution Greensboro, our small office rentals are the ideal choice for small business owners. Our location is easily accessed from Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Hamilton Lakes, Latham Park, Irving Park, Broadview, Lake Brandt, Starmount Forest, Jamestown, Hilltop, and other communities in the Greensboro area. We offer fully furnished office rentals in one of Greensboro’s most innovative workspaces, giving you and your business access to everything you need in a small office space.

Call 336-660-6444 today for detailed information on small office rentals at Office Evolution Greensboro.

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