Office Evolution Ohana is embraced by TPM Studiosa

Tiffany McCoy of TPM Studios talks about her experience at Office Evolution Greensboro.

TPM Studios actually started here as a fluke. I needed to start working and home was not an option. I had to do something for a client and was looking for somewhere that I’d have immediate access, and Office Evolution was that place. They had so many flexible options for me that just grew along with my business. I was able to get a different space to meet each level of my needs, and I really appreciate that.

Here at Office Evolution, they have a professional environment. Where you can walk in; the receptionist greets your guest; and they are seated until they are ready to be seen in your office. It just completes that total package of professionalism that you’re looking for as an entrepreneur. It’s something that working from home or working out of your car and meeting in a coffee shop doesn’t offer you. I do think that the value is there.

On top of that, I get a live person to answer my phone calls. As an entrepreneur, I can’t tell you how valuable that is just in and of itself. The phone doesn’t ring unless the call has been vetted, and even if you cannot answer the phone, someone is going to get that call and make your customer and clients feel like they’re important. That’s one of the main features that I love about Office Evolution, and I challenge every entrepreneur to come and check it out.

I love this Ohana.

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