Rent Mailbox Space in Greensboro for Your At-Home Business

Greensboro NC is one of America’s best cities for running a home business, something that modern technologies have made easier than ever. But “easier” doesn’t mean “easy,” and running a home business still comes with tough decisions. For example: Should you use your residential address for your business, or is it better to rent mailbox space at a local business center like Office Evolution® Greensboro?

Renting a business mailbox has a wide range of benefits for home business owners in Greensboro, making it easier to brand your business, opening up new avenues for online marketing, and safeguarding your personal privacy. If you choose to rent mailbox space at Office Evolution®Greensboro, you can enjoy even more benefits, including discounts on home-business solutions like meeting room rentals and live phone answering.

Here’s a closer look at eight reasons why Greensboro entrepreneurs rent mailbox units at our business center…

Why Rent a Mailbox at Office Evolution of Greensboro

Protect Information. As a business owner, you know that criminals can do a lot of damage to you and your business if they get their hands on the right documents. We offer private, lock-and-key mailbox units to keep sensitive communications safe from prying eyes.

Maintain Privacy. By running a home business, you could end up broadcasting your home address and contact info to all kinds of people. A mailbox with a dedicated business address can protect you and your family’s privacy.

Convenient Deliveries. When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Greensboro, you won’t need to wait around for important deliveries. We operate a secure parcel management service, giving you a convenient way to handle oversized and signature-upon-receipt deliveries.

Professional Branding. A residential address sticks out like a sore thumb to potential clients and customers. By renting a business mailbox, you give the appearance of an office-based business, but without the overhead of renting an actual office.

Worry-Free Traveling. Going on a business trip? Worried about mail piling up in your mailbox? When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution of Greensboro, we’ll securely receive and store your mail while you’re out of town.

Online Marketing. A number of websites make it tough to register your business if you’re using a residential address. Our mailbox rentals give you the address you need to use these services, allowing you to more effectively market your business online.

Savings and Flexibility. When entrepreneurs rent mailbox units at our Greensboro business center, they enjoy substantial savings on their business mailbox rentals. Our plans start as low as $79/month, and if you’re looking for a short-term or flexible rental, you can rent a mailbox month-to-month.

Additional Services. Office Evolution Greensboro offers a range of professional solutions and services for home business owners in Greensboro NC. Our professional service bundles include generous discounts on mailbox rentals, coworking memberships, meeting room rentals, and live phone answering services, all of which can be invaluable for a home-based entrepreneur.

Business address services at Office Evolution Greensboroare ideal for small business owners in the Greensboro NC area, including neighborhoods and surrounding communities like Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Hamilton Lakes, Latham Park, Irving Park, Broadview, Lake Brandt, Starmount Forest, High Point, Jamestown, and Hilltop. Learn more about how to rent mailbox space at our business center in Greensboro by calling 336-660-6444.

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