3 Big Benefits of Hot Desking

There’s no getting around the fact, the digital age is upon us. This new period in human history is transforming the way we conduct business in the 21st century. The old fixed, traditional workspaces of the past are fast dying out to make way for more efficient, more productive ways of working. Globalization, improved technologies and high-speed internet have all played a part. They have contributed towards the gradual demise of the nine-to-five work routines. The coworking space, like the Office Evolution coworking center in Bergen County, NJ, is meeting local demand. Our fully-equipped workspaces cater to the needs of businesses and solo professionals in Northern New Jersey.


What’s going on here is a huge and unstoppable shift in the modern working environment, and it’s all good. These are positive changes, revolutions that help to develop the US workforce on many levels. Hot desking is one of these changes. It’s a system that allows companies and individuals to achieve ambitious goals, thus taking their business up to new heights.

Hot Desking Is Not…

To understand the benefits of hot desking, we first need to look at what it’s not. The conventional open office layout consists of partitions, dividers or cubicles of various sizes. You see this often in a lot of medium and large sized companies. Such an office requires quite a lot of space and a costly lease. It also separates employees from one another, which is deliberate. We know now that segregating valuable team members is not a good thing. These are people who would fare much better if allowed to collaborate. It’s a loss of otherwise valuable interaction that could help to boost productivity and subsequent sales. Hot desking doesn’t adopt any of the old segregation, fixed-desk practices.

Hot Desking Is…

Hot desking is all about flexibility. It’s an open environment, one that provides a much better alternative to the approach above. People who “hot desk” get to work in flexible, comfortable spaces. They’re flexible because you can switch between workstations, open tables, desks and even couches. In other words, wherever you feel more relaxed and productive at the time, you can go. This flexibility “on the fly” is fully customizable too. It means you can personalize your working environment to one that works best for you and your team, if you have one.

The three major ways that hot desking benefits the way we work are:

  1. It’s a new and more effective way to engage
  2. Helps to boost efficiency
  3. Offers real flexibility

Let’s take a look at each of these in turn.

#1 A More Effective Way to Engage

The reasons for those partitioned work spaces mentioned earlier are deliberate. The idea behind them is to help employees focus better, without the distraction of others. The best way to describe this approach is as one of those ‘good ideas at the time’. Despite their continued widespread use, savvy business people now know better. They understand how this stale routine is counterproductive. The latest research also confirms that segregation hinders productivity. It does this by decreasing the worker’s ability to focus for long periods. It doesn’t work because humans are social by nature.

A happy worker is a good worker. The freedom to move around an office, working from wherever feels right at the time, helps to promote contentment. It’s an approach that has proved successful. With total flexibility workers naturally gravitate towards likeminded people in the office. These are coworkers who can bounce ideas off each other and benefit enormously from the valuable interaction.

The consequence of hot desking is that folks tend to gain inspiration and work harder because they’re happier. At the same time they continuously come up with fresh and innovative ideas and solutions that ultimately benefit the company. When separated from our work neighbors, as in the old segregation cubicles, the total opposite effect is evident. People become bored, clock-watchers who can’t wait for the day to come to an end. Office Evolution in Bergen County, NJ, provides the perfect solutions for companies and individuals who want to embrace the hot desking concept.

#2 Helps to Boost Efficiency

Strict routines have a place in all our lives, but not in the modern way of doing business they don’t. If anything, adhering to routines can have a detrimental effect on efficiency. Today’s business world is mobile, and that means you may have to operate from anywhere at any time, at the drop of a hat. This is not something a company or solo professional can do when tied to one desk in one location, running a 9-5 routine. Hot desking in an affordable coworking center, like our facility in Hackensack, NJ, is your solution. From here you can achieve the levels of efficiency you need. Best of all is that you won’t break the bank in the process.

The ideal hot desk environment makes communication and interaction with other team members a breeze. A shared network among your group is a real asset in the modern approach to work. It gives you open communication channels from a range of communication devices. It’s an approach that keeps everyone plugged in, even when they’re away from a physical desk or nearby space.  

#3 Real Flexibility

To succeed in the world of business today one must be flexible, or at least willing to adapt as and when needs arise. Solo professionals, small business owners and entrepreneurs starting out, soon learn the importance of the flexible approach. Millennials, in particular, have embraced this way of working. Oftentimes, the only way to attract and keep hold of the best talent around is to offer existing and potential employees a flexible package.

Smart people embrace the new hot-desking concept. This is the new environment that ambitious, productive people demand. Remember, a happy worker is a productive one, and hot desking provides a fun and vibrant workspace for all. A contented team will also go a long way to impress your prospects and clients too, making you and your business stand out from the competition.


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