3 Factors of a Coworking Space That Will Boost Your Success

Not having the headache of a long office lease commitment keeps stress levels and costs down. Things are even better when there are none of the usual overhead infrastructure and costs to worry about. The simpler the infrastructure setup and costs are, the more time, energy and money you have to focus on more important things like growing your business. Our Office Evolution coworking center in Bergan County offers simple flexibility for solo professionals and local businesses in the New Jersey area. Keep reading to find out why this can be so valuable.

No More Majoring in Minor Things

Majoring in minor issues and spending money where it’s not necessary are damaging to business growth. Today’s type of business model has other challenges because they’re more mobile and need to be extra flexible in their approach. Working from home, coffee shops or other public spaces can often create disharmony with persistent and unpredictable distractions. Working with coworking, shared office, and virtual office solutions, though, either part time or on a more permanent basis, offers consistency and simplicity to the working day. Our coworking center in Hackensack, in the heart of Bergen County, NJ, is one solution. We provide independent professionals and small businesses with three vital elements needed to succeed in today’s competitive workplace.

  1. Prime New Jersey location
  2. Impressive amenities
  3. Flexible access and membership terms

Watch Where You’re Going!

Every new business starts with an idea. Most of these never materialize past a private thought or a bit of barstool banter. That doesn’t mean they were duff ideas, it just means no one followed through with them. Billionaire Alan Sugar began his business by selling car antennas and cigarette lighters out the back of his car. He was just 21 at the time. Richard Branson was selling vinyl records from his bedroom. Other names derived from the home-based business model include Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ford Motor Company and Apple Computers to name just a few. The point is this: if you want to grow beyond the home-based business, you need a plan of action and be ready to carry it out.

People who think out of the box and dare to dream big are the usual winners. And although the way of doing business has changed a lot in recent years, there are still lots of similarities. Flexible working hours, coping and learning from failures along the way, and keeping the funds coming in are as essential today as they ever were. In some ways, it’s much easier to do business in the twenty-first century. In other ways, it’s more difficult because there is so much competition. A cool head and a simple plan are vital, but the most important thing of all is to follow through.

The Benefits of our New Jersey Coworking Center

Today you don’t need to commit to a costly office lease or invest in expensive hardware and software programs. A lot of business operations allow you to work from wherever you want whenever you want. Therefore, you need to find workspaces where you are highly productive. The modern coworking center fits today’s flexible workforce like a glove. Let’s look at the three vital elements above in more detail.

#1 Importance of Location

Location matters, it really does, not only for your convenience, but also that of your clients and prospects. But even a good location is not much use is there’s no nearby car parking. Time means money, and no one wants to waste time with a long commute or have hassles parking their car. Our coworking center in Hackensack, New Jersey, is in a good central location that’s easy to get to. It is right off Route 4 and nearby you will find the Garden State Parkway, Route 95, Route 80 and Route 17. There’s also ample parking right next to the building for you and your visitors. Also nearby are some good local eating places and coffee shops that you can either visit or order food to be delivered.

#2 Impressive Amenities

Not all coworking spaces are equal. We make sure our Office Evolution coworking center in Bergen County has everything people need to conduct successful business. We place a strong focus on our member’s productivity and professionalism to help them be more profitable. We offer a professional commercial business address, with a private mailbox (address doesn’t include the box number) and a mail forwarding service. We also provide US-based virtual receptionists (phone answering) as an option. The building itself is impressive. Inside the coworking space, you will find modern design, contemporary décor, and functional furniture. There is a choice of workspace arrangements to match your needs and budget as well. Choose from shared desks to private office suites to meeting and conference rooms. Our manned front desk means that none of your visitors are left hanging around in the shared reception area on arrival.

Office equipment and facilities include a printer, copier, and scanner, and there is business grade high-speed internet. There are flat-screen TVs in the meeting and conference rooms, which allow you to project your computer presentations. The meeting rooms are also equipped with Polycom speakerphones and glass whiteboards. You don’t even have to venture out to grab a drink either. Yes, we even have a complimentary drinks bar, a communal area where you can help yourself to coffee and other beverages—as much as you want.

#3 Flexible Access

You can access our New Jersey coworking center and all Office Evolution locations nationally, as often or as little as you like. The wonderful thing about flexible access is that you only pay for services, meeting areas, and workspaces as and when you need them—on-demand—or via monthly membership. Members have 24/7 access to all Office Evolution locations throughout the country. You can’t say the same thing for a conventional office lease where you have to pay the rent and certain overhead costs whether—you use them or not.

Although coworking centers are quite a new concept in the US, there’s a very good reason why their popularity is rising, and rising fast. If you’re in any of the following New Jersey towns and need flexible access to an ultra-modern accommodating work environment—you’ve got it.

  • Bergenfield
  • Bogota
  • Englewood
  • Hackensack
  • Maywood
  • New Milford
  • River Edge
  • Teaneck
  • Paramus
  • And other Bergen County towns

Our Office Evolution Hackensack coworking center in Bergan County can help you to build and maintain a professional image so that your brand can grow. We have the prime location, impressive amenities and flexible access to the building and workspaces. It’s as comfortable as operating from home only ten times easier and more productive. To find out more, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Office Evolution Hackensack, NJ.