5 Questions to Ask When Renting a Boardroom in Hackensack

The right space can have a huge positive impact when you’re hosting a professional meeting. But in an area like Hackensack in Northern New Jersey – where office real estate comes at a premium – you might not have a dedicated boardroom for face-to-face meetings. In that case, you’ll need to rent a meeting room or conference room suited to your needs.

That can be tough for anyone who’s renting a boardroom in Hackensack, NJ for the first time. To help, the team at Office Evolution® Hackensack has compiled five important questions you should ask yourself when considering different meeting spaces. Whether you work from a home office in Bergen County, need a larger meeting space than your current office affords, or are visiting the area on business to meet with local clients, these questions will make it easier to find your ideal conference room rental.

Important Questions for Boardroom Rentals

  1. Will this location be accessible to meeting participants? Whether you’re hosting an important client or a large team event, you’ll want to make commuting to and from your meeting easy on participants. In Hackensack, you’ll want to look for proximity to I-80 or Route 4. You might also need to check accessibility by public transit.
  2. Does the room offer the space I need for my meeting?Holding a meeting in a space that’s too small for your group can quickly torpedo productivity. So before you rent a meeting space, make sure it has the seating and furniture needed to accommodate the group you’re hosting.
  3. How will the layout of the room impact my goals?Different layouts are needed for different types of meetings. A training session with one or two leaders, for instance, might require a different set-up than a collaborative, round-table meeting. The space you choose should have a layout that’s well-suited to the style of meeting you’re hosting.
  4. Is the room designed and equipped for productivity?An effective meeting room can hinge on subtle design decisions, like the quality of lighting or the ergonomics of seating. Pay attention as well to the equipment available in your chosen space, such as a whiteboard for brainstorming, a TV for projecting your computer screen, or a speakerphone for teleconferencing.
  5. Do on-site staff offer responsive support? On-site services can make a huge difference when you’re hosting a meeting in a rented space. Whether you need help getting set up, welcoming meeting participants, ordering food, or finding your way around the building, on-site support is essential.

Boardroom Rentals at Office Evolution Hackensack

If you’re looking for a meeting space in the heart of Bergen County, there’s nowhere better to start your search than Office Evolution Hackensack. Our boardroom and meeting room rentals come in a range of sizes and styles, including modular meeting space with a layout you can adjust to your needs.

Boardroom rentals at Office Evolution Hackensack are professionally furnished and fully equipped for your needs. We also offer responsive on-site support and professional amenities like free high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary hot beverages–including Starbuck coffee, and front desk reception. Our offices are located just off Route 4 in north Hackensack, and we’re a short bus ride from Anderson Street station, making us easily accessible to professionals based in Bergen County and Manhattan. We are close to Teaneck, New Milford, Bergenfield, Paramus, Englewood, and other Northern New Jersey towns. 

Learn more about boardroom bookings and availability by contacting Office Evolution Hackensack today at 201-645-1200.