5 Ways to Ensure a Meeting and the Meeting Space Impresses Visitors

We’ve all heard the saying, “dress to impress,” and it’s not just a tired old cliché either. We work in an increasingly fast and impatient age, and the window to influence those in the world of business gets smaller all the time. Eye contact, a confident handshake, and other, less obvious body language all contribute to making those important first impressions, just like your attire. But personal appearance and conduct are not the only things to consider. Your actual meeting space can also make or break the outcome of a first encounter. It’s why Office Evolution in Hackensack, NJ, takes the design and décor of its meeting and conference rooms extremely seriously. Professional meeting areas totally equipped for your business needs.

What It Takes for Meetings to Succeed

We succeed because our members do—your success is our success. We’re in the virtual office and coworking profession because we understand modern business needs. Like most of our members, we too come from a business background. We share common work ethics with other independent workers like solo professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small company owners. We understand the importance of making a positive and lasting first impression. You are the ultimate professional in manner and dress, and we can certainly deliver professional spaces to meet your visitors and associates.

Here’s a quick list of five things that contribute toward making that crucial first impression. Note how this starts even before your visitor(s) walk through the doors of the building:

1.    Easy-to-find, accessible location with ample parking

2.    An impressive uncluttered reception area

3.    Someone to greet your guests

4.    Meeting rooms that are clean, high tech, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye

5.    Business services at your disposal

#1 Easy to Find, Accessible Location

There’s no worse start to any meeting than when guests turn up tired, frustrated and agitated. These are all things that can materialize when you’re hard to find. If parking proves difficult, then that is sure to make a bad situation even worse. This is not a problem when the meeting venue is at Office Evolution, Hackensack in New Jersey. We’re in a good centralized, convenient location near Route 4 and the Riverside Mall. We’re easy to find, even for those from out of town. There is plenty of ample parking here for members and their visitors too.

#2 Impressive Reception Area

We’ve all experienced this at some point. We arrive at a location that’s unfamiliar to us and walk into a confused space, not knowing quite where to go or who to report to. Having no reception desk or one that’s unmanned when you arrive is frustrating, especially if you’re running late. This is another non-issue when your meeting is at Office Evolution in Hackensack in the heart of Bergen County. Your visitors walk in to a contemporary, organized reception area with a nice relaxed atmosphere. 

#3 Someone to Greet Guests

Let’s assume your visitors have found our coworking center easy enough and have parked up with no problem at all. They’ve now walked into the impressive reception area from where our Business Center Manager (BCM) is waiting to greet them. If you’re ready for your guest(s), our BCM will bring them straight to your meeting room. If they’re early, they have a comfortable place to wait and will be offered a complimentary drink (including Starbucks coffee). Having someone there to greet visitors on arrival is a nice touch, and it’s something that goes a long way toward making a good first impression.

#4 High-Tech Meeting Rooms

Everyone in business knows the importance of technology these days, especially communication devices. Most people know how to use them too. See, whether we like it or not, we all live in an interconnected world today. So when guests walk into a smart, furnished meeting room, equipped with plug-n-play technology, it’s going to make a good impression. You and your visitors are able to connect to business grade internet and use our TV screen to project your computer. You can also call using a speakerphone, and share ideas on a glass whiteboard.

Rooms like these allow you to come across to others as productive and professional. In fact, you look BIG and serious, even though you may have only rented the space for half an hour or so, unbeknown to your visitors. These rooms allow you to function like larger businesses but without the obligations and overhead that come with a permanent, more traditional office commitment.

#5 Business Services at Your Disposal

Having business type services on hand is also going to impress your visitors. There’s nothing worse than needing a copy of something but don’t have a copier, or you have one but it’s broken. At Office Evolution in Hackensack, NJ, we have a copier, printer, digital fax, internet, speakerphones, and so on. Our professional meeting rooms come equipped with presentation tools and options for your meetings and seminars. Sometimes it’s the little touches that can make the biggest difference. 

Our Professional Meeting Rooms Deliver on all Fronts

One thing is certain: if you can tick all five boxes, then there’s a good chance you’ll make a very favorable first impression. When using Office Evolution, you have an impressive and productive meeting space without having to give too much conscious thought to any of it. Our professional conference and meeting rooms are available from as little as 15 minutes to the entire week.

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