A Professional Meeting Space Matters

First impressions are what can make or break that initial introduction. People who you try to win over need to know that you care; that you are trying. To invite someone to a business meeting in some noisy coffee shop, cafe or fast food joint doesn’t cut it as an impressive meeting space. Not only can communication be awkward in such places, but it also looks amateur, cheap and careless. These public spaces are great for social times with friends, but they torpedo the effectiveness of serious business meetings. Today’s clients expect more, and those who offer more get the most attention, close more deals and charge higher prices. In short, they are more successful and profitable.

Moving Forward

If you want others to see you as professional, and become more successful as a result, then casual and noisy public meeting spaces play no part in your strategy to win over new business. This is no way to ‘wow’ potential clients. Furthermore, coffee shops and fast-food outlets do not usually appreciate people taking up valuable seating to conduct personal business. This is especially the case during busy times. They have a point too. After all, they offer temporary seating for diners. They don’t offer long-term seating for freelances or professionals who have no office.

To recap the disadvantages of coffee shops, cafes and fast food restaurants:

  • A poor first impression (unprofessional)
  • Often noisy and unpredictable (annoying, can’t find a seat, etc.)
  • No safety or security guarantees (e.g. you can’t leave stuff lying around for a restroom break)
  • Others eavesdropping on your personal business

Add to the above the fact that a café or fast food outlet may not have reliable internet connectivity. And those Wi-Fi connections in coffee shops are unsecure, slow and unpredictable at best.

On-Demand Meeting Rooms, the Perfect Alternative

Those successful in business will tell you that it’s often the little things that can make the BIGGEST difference. They’re right too. Moving your meetings from local coffee shops into a professional conference room might cost more, but it is all relative. If you win the business (more likely) then the short-term rental has more than paid for itself. Not only will your business image be so much more professional, the meeting will be more productive. You will be able to focus and have tools like projecting your presentation on a TV screen.

Using a serious, business-ready meeting room is much easier than ever. This is all thanks to the growing trend of on-demand (by the hour) meeting rooms at coworking, shared office centers at reasonable prices.

Professionalism Matters

Even though you might have a small business, there’s no reason why you can’t look as serious and professional as your larger competitors. Having an impressive meeting space or conference room is an extension of the idea of dressing for success. Here are a few of the benefits you gain from using a conference room setup for business meetings:

  • Projects confidence to your client or potential client
  • Ability to rent a meeting rooms on an ad-hoc basis
  • Improve productivity
  • No risk of confidentiality or data loss
  • Fast and reliable internet connection

Rented spaces are also ideal for when you want a professional room for client briefings, consultations or interviews. These really are the perfect solution for any freelancer, solopreneur or young startup. They’re also ideal for independent professionals who want to create a good first impression.

Rented Meeting Spaces Work

All meeting spaces and conference rooms at Office Evolution Hackensack, NJ are fully equipped and plug-n-play ready. They also include presentation technology and whiteboards.  Your guests are welcomed by reception and offered a drink from our beverage bar. We offer small and large conference rooms which can cater from 2 to 20 people.

In addition to meeting and conference rooms, we also offer day offices and coworking spaces. Once again, if you need peace and quiet, reliable and secure internet, coworking is a much better environment for you than a busy coffee shop or local café.  You also get to use desks and sit on seats designed for working, not dining. Needless to say that proper office furniture adds to your overall comfort, health, and productivity. 

Summing Up

There is so much to gain and nothing to lose by investing in first impressions and productive meetings. It’s time to move away from local coffee shops and eateries. The time has come for you to move on in the world and into an environment that better reflects you and what you’re trying to achieve. Professional working and meeting spaces matter. Research has shown time and again how the environment in which we work can influence the way we feel and function.

If you would like to know more about how Office Evolution Hackensack, NJ can help you to make that all important first impression and continue to grow your business, contact ustoday to discover all your options.

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