The Difference of an Executive Office Suite in Hackensack

As a small business owner, it’s crucial that you have a functional, comfortable, and productivity-friendly workspace. After all, your day-in, day-out performance will impact both the short-term profitability and the long-term potential of your business. Thankfully, small business owners have a wealth of high-quality options when it comes to workspace rentals. Here in Bergen County in Norther New Jersey those options include executive office rentals at Office Evolution® Hackensack NJ.

Designed for modern small businesses, our executive suites offer everything you need to optimize your day-to-day workflow, adapt to market changes, and seize opportunities for growth when they arise. Whether you’re making the leap from a home office to an upgraded workspace, need a space to launch your latest business venture, or are transitioning out of older, outdated office space, our executive office suites will give you the workspace you’ve always needed.

Executive Office Space in Bergen County

Thanks to the coworking movement, small businesses now have stronger options than ever before in terms of office real estate. Today’s top office suites for smaller companies are almost exclusively found in coworking spaces. Unlike traditional office suites — which basically amount to four walls and a door — coworking spaces are provide highly functional, next-generation workspace solutions.

To get a better sense of what this means for small business owners, let’s take a closer look at the executive suites available at Office Evolution Hackensack. We have a collaberative community of members from nearby Northern New Jersey towns, like Teaneck, Paramus, Englewood, Maywood, and Rochelle Park. Our offices and business suites come pre-furnished, ready-for-use, and equipped with a wide range of features, services, and amenities. For small business owners this means:

  • Executive Workspace. Our offices are designed to promote concentration, productivity, and comfort, helping you make the most of every single workday.
  • Executive Services. Executive office rentals include our Phone Answering plan and Business Address plan, helping you reduce time spent on low-priority administrative duties.
  • Executive Image. We offer attractive, professionally outfitted meeting space where you can host clients or investors, plus amenities to help you put your guests at ease.
  • Executive Connectivity. Office Evolution Hackensack boasts one of the most dynamic coworking communities in our area, a community that fosters innovation and professional connections.
  • Executive Support. Our Business Center Manager is always on hand to answer any questions, resolve any issues, and help you make the most of your workweek.

With all of these benefits, you’d expect that our executive suites would also come with an executive price tag. Not so. As a coworking space, we distribute the costs of shared resources, which allows us to keep rental costs competitive with more traditional office rentals in Bergen County in Northern NJ. This way, you can project a big business presence, while keeping your workspace costs within a small business budget.

Ready to see our executive office suites in action? Call Office Evolution Hackensack at (201) 645-1200 to learn more, or pay us a visit and discover everything our workspace has to offer.