Why People Succeed in Coworking Spaces

There is something pleasant about working from home, or at least that’s how it can feel in the short term. But then home is still home right. It’s always there, and so are you if you choose to work in this space. After a while the home office fails to get one’s creative or motivational juices flowing. That’s not a good thing. It’s not good if you need stimulus as you try to build your new business or expand your existing operation. This is why many independent professionals choose to operate from a shared working environment. They understand how people excel in coworking spaces. They get to realize productivity levels that they just can’t obtain at home, in local coffee shops or small eateries. The data is now out. It proves that people perform better in coworking spaces than any other working environment.

If you currently work from home and are in need of something that gives you more of a get-up-and-go feeling, keep reading. In this piece, we take a look at how the modern day coworking spaces help people just like you to expand their operations and develop a positive mindset.

Better Focus More Stimulus

Every independent worker wants to thrive. For many of us, to thrive we need to be focused and stimulated. Without passion for what you do, it’s almost impossible to prosper. People who succeed in coworking spaces thrive, and for that they experience all the following:

  • Momentum
  • Growth
  • High energy, a feeling of being alive (vitality)
  • A sense of achievement, continued improvement

People energized in this way tend to be sick less often than those who are not. In other words, it’s a healthy state that keeps the motivated one in good condition. It’s no secret that the way we feel mentally has an impact on how we feel and function from a physical perspective. The working environment can have a huge influence on your overall productivity. Research shows that those who work from a coworking space thrive even more than those who work in a conventional office environment.

The Coworking Space Defined

Before we define the contemporary coworking space, let’s start by looking at the typical clientele. If you’re reading here there’s a good chance you can see yourself in one of the four following categories:

  1. Independent professionals
  2. Freelancers
  3. Remote workers or telecommuters
  4. Small startups

There is an easy way to sum up the modern coworking space. These are office type environments shared by small groups and individuals. Although the people are diverse, they all have a like-minded approach to conducting business. The shared spaces are impressive, fully-equipped communal settings. They provide everything people need to manage their everyday business.

Why Share the Space?

Well, there are actually many motives. One of the main reasons is that these spaces are affordable and work very well. But having everything members need under one roof is only part of their appeal. After all, you could equip the home in a similar way and not have the extra rental cost. No, coworking works because of the buzz, the ambience, and the camaraderie. These are quietly active spaces that fire people up and get them thinking and doing. This is something that’s just not sustainable working alone in the comfort of the home office.

Three Reasons Why People Succeed in Coworking Spaces

There has been some research into this over the years. Perhaps one of the reasons is to see if conventional offices could learn something valuable from the shared office environments.  Researchers in the US surveyed hundreds of workers from several dozen coworking locations around the country.  From their surveys they came to these three conclusions:

  1. Coworking spaces make people and their work feel more meaningful
  2. hey have independent control over their job
  3. They feel like part of a community of like-minded others, who provide each other advice, social energy, and general support

Points 1 and 3 are not things that can work from coffee shops or the home office, or at least not to the same degree. Let’s look at each of these points in turn.

#1: Work Feels More Meaningful

This one seems quite obvious. Yes of course your work feels more meaningful. You are now going it alone. You’re following your appetite for independence and doing something that you’re passionate about. Everything you do is for you and anyone else involved in your project. You are no longer “working for the man”. This alone makes your work more personal, more significant to you. You’re also working in a professional working environment of your choice, among likeminded others. All these things and more add to your sense of importance and desire to grow your business.

#2: Independent Control over Your Work and Schedule

People love the control they get at coworking spaces. Some are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year, like Office Evolution. How’s that for a service. It means there’s no stress to get things done before kicking out time. If you’re too busy or late starting the day, you get to make the hours up because of the 24/7 opening hours. Our Evolution Hackensack, NJ office offers 24/7/365 Facility Access. People love this flexibility for all kinds of reasons. It’s particularly useful because it gives independent workers freedom and control. It means they get to manage when they work and the amount of hours they choose to put in. Coworking spaces let you create a structured routine on your terms. According to the research, coworking communities also play a big part in motivating people. This brings us on to the third and final point.

#3: Part of the Independent Community (Family)

There’s a lot of truth in the poetic line “no man is an island” (or woman of course). Whether you think so or not, we all need other people in some way shape or form. If there’s one thing a communal working space offers it’s the opportunity to meet others. These are not people who turn up because it’s a job and they need the money. They are folks just like you; they have a vision, ambition and a plan of action on how to achieve their dreams. They are a community of people who you will share some common interests with. This is not usually the case in a conventional 9-5 job setting. 

Every coworking space is unique in all sorts of ways and will have its own attractions and vibes. When you find the space that’s right for you, then you become part of that community. This is not only something that feels good; it also brings with it many advantages. These are things that benefit all parties. Yes, the shared working office is a serious place, but they also have a fun ambience, which makes them places you want to head out to. This “wanting to go to work” is what keeps people motivated and juiced-up to press on with their dreams. Imagine that, no more Monday morning blues.

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