Member Spotlight: Mary Pociask from Schooley Mitchell

Who Are You?

As a Strategic-Partner and owner of the Schooley Mitchell- Fairfax, VA office, I am your vendor watchdog. I work with all types of businesses to identify savings for telecom, merchant services, small package shipping, waste and e-signature services. These are expenses and services every business needs to operate, but often companies are paying more than they need. Through our audits, we find savings about 80% of the time, and we save our clients an average of 28%. Cutting these expenses, without business interruption and, often times without changing vendors, directly benefits the bottom line.

The best part of the services I offer is that they are risk-free. If I can’t find savings or the client does not want to implement any changes, there are no fees. My fees are simply a share of the savings realized and the rest goes to the bottom line. Every client I work with benefits, whether it is a “free” expense audit or I find tangible savings that help grow the business.


Why Did You Chose Your Profession?

I believe what I do truly helps businesses. Having worked for many years managing corporate budgets and leading business marketing programs, I realized that expense management can be as important as setting sales objectives. Often firms set lofty sales objectives to meet net income expectations, but don’t pay enough attention to managing expenses. However, finding expense savings – knowing the best deals and negotiating with vendors can be time consuming and frustrating.

What do You Do For Fun

I enjoy the simple things – spending time with family and friends, visiting local wineries and breweries, refinishing old furniture, and trying to learn or tackle a new project whenever I can. I have recently taken up bike riding and am looking for some fun weekend trails.


Email: [email protected]



Twitter: @SMMaryPociask