5 Reasons to Consider a Shared Workspace at Office Evolution Hillsboro

We are grateful to head back to the office. But, we enjoy the flexibility of working from home. Shared workspaces continue to rise in popularity because they offer the best of both these worlds. They are designed to suit the needs of workers who value flexibility and productivity.

Whether you are a college student, small business owner, remote worker, or business professional, a shared workspace might be just the solution you are looking for. Here are 5 things to consider when thinking about joining a coworking community:


1. Community

When you work in the business lounge at Office Evolution Hillsboro, you will be among other professionals in the Tanasbourne area. Take this opportunity to brainstorm with each other and learn about new markets, possibly inspiring new business ventures.

You feel more focused and excited about work when surrounded by a community of professionals and entrepreneurs.


2. Multiple Work Space Options

Coworking is part of the flexible workspace phenomenon. With a coworking membership at Office Evolution you have access to a variety of work spaces. When the majority of your work day can be accomplished at a desk, you can work at a desk in the business lounge. If you need to make a phone call, step into one of our phone booths. Need to meet with a client or attend a lengthy zoom meeting? We have private flex offices dedicated for just that purpose. There are also larger meeting rooms for workshops and training events.

Discounted rates are available for all members on flex offices and meeting rooms, as well as on the photo and podcast studios.


3. Separate Work from Home

It can be convenient working from home, but are you the most productive? For most people, probably not.

Scheduling your day to include working in a professional environment allows you time to focus solely on work without the distractions found at home. Added bonus: home time can be spent with family and hobbies.


4. Member Support

A perk not to be overlooked is our onsite manager who is ready to support you. We are here to make sure the internet is working and the coffee is hot. No more of those piddly time sucks taking you away from your focus time.


5. Cost Effective

For as little as $179 a month you can work in a flexible environment at Office Evolution that allows you to thrive and boost productivity while separating office from home.



At Office Evolution Hillsboro we create an environment that inspires collaboration, innovation, and connection. To learn more give us a call at 971-297-1444 or Book a Tour.