Member Spotlight: PDX Fingerprinting and Pac Signing

Celebrating our Ohana!

We are proud of our OE Ohana! Office Evolution Hillsboro hosts a variety of entrepreneurs and remote employees who work hard and embrace the value of community. Throughout the month of July, we are celebrating Sarah Diwan and her team at PDX Fingerprinting and Pac Signing.


About PDX Fingerprinting

Fingerprinting Services for:
• Background checks
• Licenses
• Expungement

Also take passport photos.


About Pac Signing

Notary & Apostille Service for any document which requires attestation including:
• Loan closings
• Affidavits
• Wills

Mobile notary also available.


Get to Know Sarah

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Sarah Diwan, I have a multi-cultural background, I was born in India, brought up in Dubai and moved to Paris, France at the age of 16. I speak multiple languages including French, Hindi, Arabic, Gujrati, Urdu, and obviously English. I got married and moved to Portland 7 years ago.

What might we find you doing on a day off?
Relaxing at home, baking, or if it’s a sunny day (which is rare in Portland) then go out and enjoy the sun.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Why?
I love traveling and visiting new places. I am a beach person, so any place where there are good beaches would be my best choice. My husband does not like beaches, but has no choice but coming with me. 😊

Favorite thing about your business?
Being knowledgeable about the job and helping end customers. Giving the right service and getting it right the first time. Notary and fingerprinting need a lot of attention to detail. So, we try to give the best service to our customers.

What are 3 reasons you love your career?
Being an entrepreneur, I have a great work-life balance with lots of flexibility. There is always room for development, and it’s a multi-tasking job which does not get boring.

What is are top tips for other entrepreneurs?
Follow your passion and believe in yourself and your ideas.

What is the best career advice you have received?
Say “yes” to opportunities that scare you and Set SMART goals.

Are you a Dreamer, Risk-taker, or Doer?
Risk-taker. You will never know your ability until you have tried. So yes, If there is an opportunity, then I grab it even though it means taking risks and failing.

How long have you been an OE Member?
Completing 2 years soon.

How has OE helped your business?
Great experience working with Office Evolution. Always helpful. Our customers always know where to go when they come. It would be great if they had other locations in Portland.


Follow Sarah ⬇
Website: &
Facebook: pdxfingerprinting & pacsigning
Instagram: pdxfingerprinting & pacsigning
Twitter: pdxfingerprint & pacsigning




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