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Top 4 Mistakes To Avoid when Job Hunting in Tech After a Layoff

Veterans of the tech industry learn to accept the constant possibility of layoffs. But although these occurrences seem to be expected at some point during a career, they’re still stressful. If you’re job hunting in tech after a layoff, there are some essential best practices to follow.

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Avoiding Mistakes when Job Hunting in Tech After a Layoff 

When a round of layoffs hits your workplace, there’s bound to be a sudden flood of job seekers. While some folks may use the opportunity to take early retirement, plenty more will be joining you in the hunt for a new role.

You must be persistent and attentive to stand out from the crowd and land your next job. Missteps are common in stressful situations, but if you work methodically, you can avoid these four mistakes when hunting for a tech job after a layoff.

Job hunting in the tech industry requires patience and persistence. Image of tired man at desk with computer in front of him.

Mistake #1 – Not Updating Your Marketable Skills

The tech industry is constantly evolving and introducing new technologies. It’s likely that during your most recent job, you acquired new skills or certifications that should be on your resume and LinkedIn profile. And while you’re searching for a new job, take advantage of the time to pick up additional competencies that will help you be competitive in the hiring process.

Along these same lines, another common misstep is not ensuring your resume is ATS-friendly. Applicant tracking software (ATS) is present in nearly every Fortune 500 company. If your resume doesn’t make it through the filter, your job hunt may be fruitless. 

Many severance packages include access to experts who can help ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile are in excellent shape. Take advantage of those resources to give yourself a head start in your job search.

Mistake #2 – Hyperfocusing on Job Titles

Your previous role may not end up being the role you land next, so don’t limit your job search to specific titles. Focus on the skills and experience you can bring to the table for any position, even if it’s only somewhat adjacent to what you did before. 

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Many tech roles have similar requirements and demand similar skill sets. You’ll enjoy more job opportunities if you’re open to considering related roles in different areas.

Mistake #3 – Avoiding Networking

Most jobs are filled through networking. And many positions never become public in the first place. If you’re not networking when job hunting in tech, you are missing significant opportunities. With the revolving-door feel of the tech industry at times, finding a new job relies on your ability to network.

There are many ways to connect with hiring managers and business owners, and a motivated job seeker will use as many options as possible:

  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Chambers of Commerce 
  • Industry-Specific Networking Groups
  • Affinity Networking Groups – for example, for women, people of color, or veterans

Regardless of how far out of your comfort zone it is to network, it’s a critical piece of the job search process. 

Mistake #4 – Not Giving Yourself the Right Space To Work

Layoffs are stressful. Job hunting is exhausting. To put your best self forward in the job search, it’s ideal to have a quiet space to work.

private office with sofa, chair, and desk

Trying to do Zoom interviews from your kitchen table or an office you share with your spouse might leave you feeling scattered or unprepared. If possible, find a private office or room where you can focus without interruptions. 

Hybrid and shared office spaces are ideal for job hunting. Many locations allow you to book private offices as needed to use for interviews or recording videos to upload. They also typically have low-cost, month-to-month coworking memberships if you want more consistent time to yourself during your search. 

Office Evolution Supports Your Next Step

As entrepreneurs who also work in the tech industry, the Hillsboro Office Evolution owners understand the rollercoaster life of tech. With flexible membership options that don’t lock you into a long-term contract, we can support whatever comes next for your work life.

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Our beautiful location is in the heart of Oregon’s Silicon Forest, so if you’re job hunting in tech, you’ll be in the right spot. You can book a tour with us today or reach out at  971-224-7552 with any questions.