What’s the Best Mailbox Rental in Jacksonville for Businesses?

If you’re launching a business in Jacksonville, FL right now, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to start your business at home. But if you’re starting a home business, you’ll need to decide what to do about your home address. Unless you’re planning to use your home address as your business address, you’ll need to think about getting a mailbox to rent.

As a small business owner, there are a few different places where you can get a mailbox rental. To find the best one, you’ll need to look at what kinds of features you need.

Why Get a Mailbox Rental?

There are plenty of reasons why a small business owner might rent a mailbox. These include:

  • Maintaining the privacy of your home address.
  • Keeping personal and business mail separate.
  • Parcel reception, storage, and pick-up services.
  • Operating a virtual office for marketing purposes.

Some types of mailboxes will be able to cover all four of these needs. But others will only work for some of these purposes, so it’s important you find a mailbox rental well-suited to your situation.

Where to Find a Mailbox Rental in Jacksonville

If you’re renting a local mailbox, you’ve got three basic options: the post office, a private mail center, or a business center like Office Evolution® Jacksonville.

Here’s how these three options stack up…

Post Office

Renting a PO box at your nearest USPS location is your most basic choice for renting a mailbox. This will keep your home address private, and it will keep business mail separate from personal mail.

But it won’t work if you need a spot for parcels, since USPS won’t accept deliveries from private couriers. And if you’re hoping to operate a virtual office, a PO box number won’t do the job.

Private Mail Center

A business mailbox at a private mail center represents an upgrade over a PO box. Private mail centers will accept parcels from private couriers, and they offer basic small business services, like printing, copying, and scanning.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to operate a virtual office. You’ll have a proper street address — not a PO box number — but that address will belong to a mail center. Anyone who Googles it will know that it’s not a real office.

Office Evolution Jacksonville

If you’re looking for a small business-friendly mailbox rental in Jacksonville, we suggest starting at our business center. With a mailbox at Office Evolution Jacksonville, you’ll get a private mailbox, on-site parcel reception services, and a mailing address just like one of our private offices — perfect for virtual office operations.

You’ll also benefit from a range of small business services. We offer on-site printing, scanning, and copying. We also provide meeting room discounts to anyone who rents a mailbox. And you can package your mailbox with other services to save big on things, like live phone answering or a coworking membership.

Located near St. Johns Town Center, our location is ideal for renting a mailbox if you’re based in Jacksonville or a nearby area like Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville Beach, Nocatee, Southside, Southpoint or Mandarin.

Need a mailbox rental in Jacksonville, FL? Call Office Evolution Jacksonville at (904) 512-7393 today to learn more!

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