How to Find a Great Boardroom Rental in Lakewood

If you don’t have a boardroom of your own in Lakewood, CO, you’ll need to rent meeting space for any meeting or professional event you want to host in the Lakewood area. This is a common problem for professionals who work from home offices, are visiting the area on business, or lack a large enough meeting space in their existing office.

But if you’re not familiar with boardroom rentals already, you might be unsure what qualities stand out in a great conference room rental. At Office Evolution® Lakewood Belmar, it’s an issue we’re familiar with. Our boardroom rentals have become a popular choice for local professionals and small business owners, so we know how tough it can be to conduct your first search for a local meeting room rental.

To help, we’ve compiled a few important tips to help you find a meeting space suited to your needs.

Tips on Renting a Boardroom

  1. Don’t underestimate the value of a great location.Nothing’s more important than location when you’re renting office real estate – even if you’re only renting the space for an hour. Proximity to major roadways, accessibility to RTD bus lines, and nearby amenities are all important considerations for a meeting room rental location.
  2. Err on the side of caution for square footage.Cramming too many people into too small a space is a recipe for ineffective, unproductive meetings. Make sure you book a space that’s big enough for the group you’ll be hosting. If you don’t have an accurate head count, err on the side of caution and book a bigger space.
  3. Choose a space that’s well-equipped for meetings.When choosing a boardroom rental, make sure you don’t take meeting equipment and materials for granted. While some meeting room rentals include popular meeting room equipment, like computer projection and teleconferencing technologies, others take a bare-bones approach.
  4. Focus on design features that enhance productivity.Researchers have found that some design features – like ergonomic furniture, a roundtable layout, and indoor lighting – have a big impact on the effectiveness of professional meeting spaces. In addition to these features, you’ll also want to consider how your meeting space of choice impacts your reputation with clients.
  5. Evaluate on-site services and staff support. A lot of people renting a boardroom for the first time make the mistake of undervaluing on-site services and support. But the assistance you get from on-site staff won’t just make your life easier – it will also enhance the meeting experience you deliver to meeting participants.

Boardrooms at Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar

Here’s another tip to help you find the perfect boardroom for your next meeting: start your search at Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar. We offer day office rentals for smaller meetings and conference room rentals for larger groups, with our largest space seating up to 20 guests.

These fully furnished, professionally designed meeting spaces include all the materials and equipment you need for your next meeting, plus a range of unbeatable amenities, including free coffee and tea, complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi, front desk reception, and more. Located in Lakewood’s prestigious Belmar district, we’re ideally located for professionals in Lakewood and nearby areas like Sloan Lake, Edgewater, and Wheat Ridge.

Call Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar today at 303-235-0989 for detailed information on boardroom bookings and availability.