Telephone Answering Services in Lakewood: 7 Key Numbers

If you operate a small business, a telephone answering service can be a lifeline. Even a moderate volume of incoming calls can be difficult for small businesses in Lakewood to handle. Wrong numbers, robocalls, and scripted sales pitches can throw off your workflow. Meanwhile, too many missed calls can result in missed leads or miffed clients. By hiring a telephone reception service — like a live answering plan from Office Evolution® Lakewood Belmar — you can tidy up your workweek, make time for priority items, and improve customer service.

More and more businesses in Lakewood, CO, are using telephone answering services, and there’s a good chance you’ve thought about hiring one for your business. If so, your choice will probably come down to live answering and virtual reception services. Live telephone answering services and virtual receptionists each have their advantages and drawbacks, so the right service for one Lakewood  business won’t always be best for another.

To help small businesses in Lakewood find the right choice for their needs, we’ve pulled together some key stats on small business phone management, telephone answering services, and virtual receptionist systems.

Stats on Answering Services & Virtual Receptionists

  1. Small Businesses Answer Less Than 40% of Calls. If you’re the average small business owner, you’re answering less than 40% of all incoming calls. Most calls to small businesses either go unanswered (24%) or to voicemail (38%), according to recent phone traffic research.
  2. 90% of Consumers Prefer Live Agents. Despite advances in virtual reception technology, customers still prefer speaking with live receptionists. A recent study conducted by HuffPost found that 90% of people prefer speaking with live agents. Only 3% prefer virtual receptionists.
  3. Virtual Reception Satisfies Only 10% of Callers. In the same survey by HuffPost, customers gave virtual reception scathing grades for customer satisfaction. Only 10% of calls to virtual reception systems resulted in satisfied customers.
  4. 67% of People Hang Up on a Virtual Receptionist Each Year. Almost everyone has hung up on an automated answering system in frustration. A survey by American Express found that 2 in 3 customers had hung up on a virtual receptionist in the previous year.
  5. Small Businesses Take Major Damage from Phone Spam. Spam calls are more than a minor nuisance for small businesses. Estimates by ZDNet peg their impact on small business productivity at $500 million in losseseach year.
  6. Live Answering Costs $30,000 Less Than a Personal Receptionist. If you hire a dedicated receptionist at median salary, you’re paying more than $34,000 a year. Meanwhile, high-quality remote reception services cost as low as $2,000 to $2,500.
  7. Remote Receptionists Increase Productive Work Hours. Live telephone answering services from Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar save clients 2+ hours each workweek. That’s time you can redirect from receptionist duties toward productive, growth-focused activities.

Telephone Answering Service in Lakewood, CO

At Office Evolution Lakewood Belmar, we’ve brought the value of live telephone answering services to the Lakewood, CO area. Our live answering plans are the perfect telephone answering service for small businesses and busy professionals in Lakewood, Sloan’s Lake, Edgewater, and Wheat Ridge.

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