4 Ways to Rent Affordable Office Space in Longmont

Denver has been one of America’s most economically successful cities for well over a decade. For the most part, that’s been great news for small business owners in surrounding communities, like Longmont. But success comes at a price. As more and more investors set their eyes on Colorado, it’s becoming more difficult to find affordable office space in the Denver area.

The good news? “Hard” doesn’t mean “impossible.” If you’re willing to take an outside the box approach or work in a non-traditional workspace, you can find a great office at an equally great price. Below, we’ve compiled four ways small business owners can uncover affordable office space in Longmont.

How to Search for Low-Cost Office Space

  • Ask other local businesses. If you’re looking for affordable office space, you might find a great deal by checking in with other local businesses. A business with unused square footage might be willing to rent office space on the cheap. A company looking for a bigger office could offer to pay partial costs if you assume their lease. While these deals aren’t always available, it never hurts to ask around.
  • Find an unconventional space. A tried-and-true way to save money on your workspace is to convert an unconventional space into your office. This can take a bit of time and money, but if you do it right, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars a month in overhead.
  • Operate a virtual office. Do you operate a one-person business? Are you launching a startup on a shoestring budget? Is most of your work performed on the road? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider whether you actually need a physical office. By renting a business address, you can operate a virtual office at a fraction of the cost. You might also consider a co-working membership, which gives you access to a professional workspace at a low price.
  • Rent in a shared office center. Perhaps the best way to rent office space in the local area is through a shared office center. This way, you get a private office at an affordable rate, plus access to the resources of a larger workplace. At Office Evolution® Longmont, these resources include business mail services, live phone answering, front desk reception, on-site meeting rooms, and even free amenities, like high-speed Wi-Fi and unlimited coffee/tea for you and any guests.

Affordable Office Space for Rent in Longmont

Whether you’re looking for virtual office services, a co-working membership, or a private office, you’ll find budget-friendly options at Office Evolution Longmont. We offer business address plans and phone answering services for virtual office professionals and flexible memberships to a dynamic co-working community, along with affordable office space rentals in a shared work environment.

Located just off of Highway 119, our offices are the ideal place to rent affordable office space. To find out more and get a firsthand look at our space, simply give us a call and book a free tour.

Call (303) 827-2401 today to learn more about affordable office space rentals at our Longmont, CO business center!

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