Coworking in Los Gatos

As the birthplace of the shared workspace movement, Silicon Valley has an impressive number of shared workspaces. But here in Los Gatos, one coworking space stands out for its balance of productivity-friendly features, budget-friendly pricing, and sense of professional community.

At Office Evolution® Los Gatos, we’ve designed our space around the needs of modern professionals. More specifically, we want to give you a space where you can thrive on every level. That means a space where you can perform your best work, grow your network, and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

To make that possible, we’ve made careful decisions about how we design and outfitted our space, about the resources and services we provide to our members, and how we develop a true sense of community.

If you’re thinking about joining a coworking space, we invite you to discover our space for yourself by touring our business center in Los Gatos. Until then, here’s a glance at what to expect.

About Our Coworking Space in Los Gatos

Ergonomic Design. Our workspace follows proven principles and practices of ergonomic design, with comfortable seating, generous desk space, and excellent lighting. We’ve also designed our shared workspace to accommodate different tasks and personal work styles, so you can work according to your preferences and needs.

Office Amenities. All members at Office Evolution Los Gatos enjoy unlimited access to our secure, high speed Wi-Fi network. Need a midday pick-me-up? Simply grab a free cup of coffee or tea from our office beverage bar. We also provide these amenities to guests, making it easy to host clients or colleagues for meetings.

Professional Services. When you’re a member at our coworking space, you’ll enjoy deep discounts on meeting room and day office rentals. You’ll also be able to bundle your shared workspace plan with virtual office services, like a live telephone answering plan or a business address.

Flexible Agreements. Want to keep things flexible on your shared workspace plan? That’s easy with one of our month-to-month agreements. Ready to commit for the long haul? In that case, we recommend an annual plan. We also offer options for short-term and mid-term agreements, so that you can choose the plan that makes sense for you.

Office Evolution Los Gatos is Conveniently Located 

There’s another crucial feature that our coworking space has to offer, and that’s a great location.

Our business center is located just off of Route 17, and we’re within walking distance of some of the most popular shops and cafes in Los Gatos. Our convenient location also makes for an easy commute if you’re traveling to or from:

Want to get started wit a coworking space? Book a tour of Office Evolution Los Gatos today by calling (669) 244-4002!

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