Meeting Room in Los Gatos: 5 Key Features at Our Location

Today, it’s common for small businesses to operate without a physical location. While virtual operations come with a number of benefits, they can make it hard to host meetings. So it should come as no surprise that more and more small businesses are turning to meeting room rentals. This is particularly true in areas like Los Gatos, where most businesses lack access to their own meeting space.

If you’re searching for the perfect place to meet in the local area, you can start your search with Office Evolution® Los Gatos. As one of the most popular coworking communities in our region, we offer meeting rooms designed (and priced!) for smaller businesses, startups, and independent professionals.

Wondering what makes our location such a great place to meet? Below are 5 key features that you’ll enjoy with our meeting room rentals.

Our Meeting Room Rentals in Los Gatos

Designed for Productivity. You might not spend a lot of time thinking about productive meeting space design, but we do! Each day office and conference room at our location includes features like ergonomic seating, focus-friendly lighting, and a design scheme that sparks creativity without becoming a distraction during meetings.

Options for Different Meetings. At our location, you’ll find a range of options for meeting space, allowing you to choose the right space for each meeting. We offer day office rentals for one-on-one meetings, a mid-sized conference room for meetings of up to 5 people, and a larger conference room that accommodates up to 16 guests.

Access to Meeting Equipment. Both of the conference rooms at Office Evolution Los Gatos contain a whiteboard, a conference phone, and screen sharing equipment. We also provide all guests with unlimited access to secure, highspeed Wi-Fi.

Guest Perks & Amenities. Our location offers plenty of free onsite parking, and each guest is greeted by our front desk receptionist on arrival. We also provide complimentary filtered water and gourmet coffee and tea for each meeting.

Conveniently Located. Finding a convenient location is crucial when renting a meeting room. With our downtown Los Gatos area location, our business center offers an easy commute and close proximity to local shops, restaurants, and amenities. This makes us a popular meeting destination for small businesses and professionals based in Los Gatos, San Jose, Campbell, Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, and the surrounding areas.

Book a meeting room rental at Office Evolution Los Gatos today by calling (669) 244-4002!