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Farrah Zabra

Sep 15, 2023

Kakule Vughumwa Samuel

Dec 15, 2022

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Alaina Bailey

Dec 06, 2021

Malati Marlene Shinazy

Dec 03, 2021

Office Evolution, Los Gatos (OE) was the perfect alternative for me to work remotely without being stuck at home. Besides having comfortable, well designed work-space options available, the conference rooms and office services met all my needs. Office manager Jen is highly responsive to the varied needs of the clients. OE Los Gatos is truly a rare setting to enhance productivity for individuals and teams. — MMS

DotNet DotNet

Sep 20, 2021

Office Evolution Los Gatos is the best value for dedicated desk space bar none. Look at the pic of my work area, and you cannot find that desk configuration for $400 per month anywhere else. The access to your office is 24/7 and you can leave your monitors safely. The internet speed is 164Mbps (download) with VPN, and thats plenty fast for someone like a software developer like me. I can also stay at my desk for quick google hangouts with colleagues.

Of course, Jen (Business Center Manager) is the best!

Judy Keesecker

Aug 06, 2021

We use this place for receiving mail and the front desk rep is very professional and helpful.

John Brennan

Aug 06, 2021

Excellent set up. Staff very helpful with good amenities. I have been here almost 2 years and would recommend our location to anyone looking for a centrally supported single office set up.

Aparna Pujar

Aug 06, 2021

Great place. Tastefully appointed office rooms and environment to help get some productive hours and quality think time. Conveniently located near beautiful downtown – with access to many restaurants and coffee shops.

Deborah Burdett

Aug 02, 2021

Working with the Office Evolution staff to secure space for my meeting was a great experience. They, particularly Jen, were very responsive and accommodating in both planning and execution. My VP was very happy with the location, venue, and service. The small fee to help us with catering was so worth it. I hate writing reviews, and I usually won’t do it–but I’m happy to do it this time just to laud Jen’s partnership.

Judy Plutchak

Jul 07, 2021

Miguel Feldens

Jun 01, 2021

I had a mini office her for about 3 months during Pandemic. I love this place! Everything is brand new and clear, the service by the office manager is superb, plus the coffee and snacks. It is very conveniently located with a plenty of parking space. The office itself was quiet, good enough sound insulation, comfy chair and furniture.

Jeffrey Zechnich

Apr 09, 2021

Kamal Patel

Mar 12, 2021

Very prompt, professional and flexible. I had an issue with my start date and they happily adjusted.

Kris Porter

Feb 18, 2021

Office evolution was a perfect solution for my private office needs for the month of January. Madeleine was able to bring me on board in a timely manner and they were flexible and accommodating to my needs as I was only in town for the month. The location was easily accessible, office were clean and all of the tenants and staff were friendly and adhering to pandemic protocols. I would recommend to anyone who needs office space for rent near one of their locations.

Suresh N

Jan 29, 2021

I needed a temporary office space due to construction taking place in my apartment. I needed it only for a short period and I also needed to be able to do zoom meetings. Most places wouldn’t allow zoom meetings in open space, so I was struggling to find a place. Luckily, found this place on google and spoke to a very responsive and flexible manager here called Madeleine. She was super helpful in helping me find the right fit from a price and convenience perspective. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for either a short term or long term office space – either shared or private. The office is maintained very well and Madeleine is super friendly, kind and professional. In addition, there is a Starbucks, Chipotle and other restaurants within a 5 min walking distance – so convenient! The views from the balcony are amazing – Los Gatos is beautiful!! I’ll miss Madeleine and this office space, but it was a great week of working from there!

Maithilee Samant

Nov 04, 2020

I moved into my private office at office evolution late last year. Then 2020 happened! The pandemic has been hard on all of us and especially hard for small business owners. I am a career coach, and my primary purpose for my office is to have in-person one on ones. I wondered if I need an office if I can not meet people in person anyway. However, I found out that it was really a delight to return to my private office after the shelter in place order lifted. As a business owner, I need to be extremely productive, and it is almost impossible to do so in the home with family, kids, pets, and other distractions around you. I can get focused work done in my private office’s safety and attend online meetings without distraction. The office evolution management is extremely diligent in maintaining sanitization and safety of shared places.
The office manager is super friendly. I have got a lot of value out of my private office, even amidst the pandemic. As a career coach, I know the value of a distraction-free workplace. I wholeheartedly recommend Office evolution to anyone looking for short-term or long-term office space or renting a meeting room for a few hours to attend high-stakes meetings.

Krystyn Heide

Oct 05, 2020

I lease an office at this location and highly recommend. The balcony has a gorgeous wide view of the mountains and surrounding neighborhood. My one-person office is a great size, especially for the price. The common areas are frequently cleaned and thoughtfully arranged. The center’s manager Madeleine is very friendly and helpful.


Sep 30, 2020

The space is quiet, clean, and comfortable which has allowed me to be more productive and focused than ever. The location is unbeatable and the staff is always super friendly and helpful!

ann prince

Jul 29, 2020

Office evolution is in the great location in los gatos and I love to refer this place to anyone. Madeline is the awesome receptionist at this location and she is super friendly!

Wu Ting Ying

Jun 16, 2020

I usually don’t leave comments in Google map but Madeleine is AWESOME! She remembered which room I booked before and cleaned out the room before I entered so I don’t need to worried about the COVID. She also left a cute notes for me that just made my day. 🙂
The meeting room is clean and professional too. Definitely recommend it!!

Nick Haschka

Apr 04, 2020

Nice space, nice people.

asami faith

Apr 01, 2020

I have used Office Evolution for several meetings and personal work space. The environment is very well attended to; clean, quiet, welcoming and professional. The management team is very responsive and works with you to ensure best experiences. Would highly recommend!

Erik Jacobsen

Feb 27, 2020

Office Evolution was very accommodating of us when we needed some temporary office space during a remodel. Maddie at the front desk went out of her way to help us feel welcome and took initiative to meet our needs.

Diana Costas

Feb 26, 2020

The Office Evolution Los Gatos team was wonderful! My company only did a brief stay there, as we were remodeling our office, but I would highly recommend Office Evolution Los Gatos to anyone looking for shared office space. The staff is super friendly, helpful and accommodating. The space is clean and professional to bring clients to and the location is perfect. The other tenants were even great! Thank you for making our stay there such a positive experience.

Jeff Thomas

Nov 12, 2019

Extremely friendly and helpful staff. Very nice facilities — comfortable and nice temperature. Highly recommend.

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