3 Cures to the Work from Home Blues in Louisville

Do you work from home in Louisville, CO area? If so, you’re far from alone. Now that many of us can work wherever we can open up a laptop, more and more residents in Louisville are choosing to lose their commute and do their jobs from home.

But at Office Evolution® Louisville, we’ve noticed that the work from home trend has led to something surprising: people have found they don’t especially like working from home. Many find themselves distracted more easily at home. Others find their home workspace has a mood-killing energy. Many say that working from home leaves them feeling lonely and isolated.

If you find that working from home in Louisville isn’t as enjoyable as you expected it to be, here are three ways you can cure the “work from home blues.”

1. Update Your Home Workspace

There’s a reason modern businesses invest so much money in the design of their work environments. Study after study has demonstrated the importance of working in a space that improves your mood and fosters productivity. Key design principles for worker health, morale, and productivity include:

  • Minimal distractions
  • Ergonomic furnishings
  • Natural light
  • Indoor plants
  • Functional space
  • Clean organization

For whatever reason, many home-based professionals don’t treat the design of their home workspace as particularly important. Many cobble together a home office with little forethought. Others work from their couch, their kitchen counter, or even their bed. If this sounds familiar, you might want to rethink your home workspace.

2. Increase Time for Friends & Fresh Air

One of the biggest complaints — maybe the biggest complaint — about working from home is the sense of isolation. We’ve heard some workers say they’ve gone days, sometimes full weeks, without leaving their front door or having a face-to-face conversation with anyone outside their family. That’s not especially surprising when you work just a few seconds away from the place where you wake up every morning.

Avoiding the isolation that comes with working from home means opening up time in your schedule for friends and fresh air. We suggest making sure that you spend at least an evening or two every week seeing friends. Perhaps more important, use one of your work breaks each day to take a brisk walk outside. It’s the best cure for the claustrophobia of “home office fever.”

3. Try a Shared Workspace

You’ve redesigned your home office. You’ve opened up your schedule for more time outside. Despite these changes, you still feel like you need a change of pace. Now what? One solution you might want to consider is a shared workspace membership.

A lot of home-based workers find that joining a coworking space is the perfect cure to the work from home blues. A shared workspace gives them a place where they can switch gears, refocus, and be more productive. It’s also somewhere they can feed off the energy of other professionals. Best of all, they have total flexibility, so they can still work from home as much or as little as they wish.

At Office Evolution Louisville, our coworking community is the perfect alternative space if you work from home in the Louisville area. Our shared workspace memberships give you 24/7 access to our coworking space and come with a ton of useful benefits, like complimentary Wi-Fi, discounts on meeting space, access to key office equipment.

Join the coworking community at Office Evolution Louisville and beat the work from home blues! Call 303-447-6863 today to claim a free hour of access to our shared workspace and learn more about the advantages of a coworking membership.

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