Top Secret

An Interview with Charlie Pitre of Marathon TS, Inc.

No, this message isn’t confidential, nor will it self-destruct in 10 seconds. But it is Charlie Pitre’s main business and way of life.

Charlie Pitre is an account executive at Marathon TS, an I.T. staffing and consulting business based out of D.C. We sat down with Charlie to talk about his time and experiences working in the Top Secret sector.

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About Marathon TS Inc.:

My name is Charlie Pitre, and I’m an Account Executive with Marathon TS. We are a top secret facility cleared small business government contractor. We’re based out of the Washington D.C. area and I’ve been running operations out here for about three years now. We specialize in I.T. and intelligence staffing and consulting services. We work directly with the federal government on various agencies. We also work with government integrators around the country and do a decent amount of commercial business in the I.T. space for staffing.

The Marathon Difference:

We are a family owned business, we have amazing executive leadership; and, a lot of us come from large consulting firms and big businesses in the past. We’ve taken some of the good habits and brought them here.  We are able to bring a relationship based business model into what we do and in how we interact with our clients and also our contractors.

Favorite Success Story:

We’ve won some really great soul source projects throughout the county, and we’ve delivered in a very high capacity.  Being a small firm, we’ve been able to deliver dozens, if not hundreds, of contractors for various Department of Defense programs as well as with some large commercial clients – IBM’s and Microsoft. Just within this past week I had a client in a difficult situation call me.  They needed some folks with clearances on a very tight turnaround schedule with a pretty tight budget.  We were able to get three folks for them in about four days to help augment his staff on a government facility. 

I like to think we have success stories every week.

Best Business Tips:

Business Tip #1: Practice the Golden Rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  That will come back to you personally and professionally. So treating your clients and doing the right thing by them, they will come back to you.

Business Tip #2: Keep Pushing Forward

I think for us, we’re a sales heavy organization, so maintaining your foot on the gas, even on good days. Keep grinding. Just because you have some successes doesn’t mean you can let off.

Business Tip #3: Work with Happy People

Surround yourself with happy people.  If you build good internal teams, [those teams] will eventually flow out to folks you have working in the field and eventually to your client-facing people. It’ll all comes full circle.

Experience with Office Evolution:

There are numerous locations here in the Denver metro area.  Being a sales guy, I’m in an Office Evolution location multiple times a week between client meetings, printing a contract, grabbing some drop-in space and some Wi-Fi to get work done between meetings. The flexibility with the various office locations has been a lifesaver. 

As a small business, part of our elevator pitch is “we’re flexible”.  Office Evolution has been very flexible with us as far as office space, conference rooms, or something last minute our business requires. 

We knew our goal when we moved out here was to grow our business internally.  We knew Office Evolution would be the perfect place for us to grow within its own walls, and we’ve done that… from me being the only guy out here in a cube in Golden, to hiring folks, to getting bigger offices, to getting more offices, and Office Evolution has been very accommodating.

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