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Why Is a Short-term Flexible Office a Good Option in Mill Valley?

There are many reasons to consider a short-term office. Maybe you need a temporary office space for a meeting, or your company is expanding, and you need extra room for a couple of months. Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur who needs a place to work temporarily while you get your business off the ground. A short-term, flexible office at Office Evolution Mill Valley can be perfect in all these situations and more. 

What Makes a Short-term Office a Good Option?

Here are some reasons why this could be a good option for your business:

Flexible Terms

There is a wide range of short-term office rental terms to choose from. Some may be as low as one day, while others can go up to 12 months or longer, depending on your needs. You could choose a three-month-long contract if you’re just starting but do not have the capital to sign a long-term lease, and then you may change it to a cheaper monthly rent for an indefinite period when your business starts making profits.

Bigger Space Options and More Fixtures

Most short-term office rentals are either fully furnished or semi-furnished. With more furniture and fixtures in the office, you get a better idea of how your business will look with all equipment and other facilities. This can also help you grow your business if your company requires more space or resources in the coming months/years.

CA Mill Valley (7)Access to Common Areas

Some short-term office rentals come with common areas such as lounges, multi-purpose rooms, and meeting rooms for tenants to use during non-operational hours. If you’re looking to network and interact with other businesses within the same building, this is a good way to do it while keeping costs low because these services are usually offered for free or at a minimal fee.


When you rent a short-term office, it’s usually fully furnished and ready for use as soon as you move in. This provides convenience if you don’t have time to wait — especially since getting an office set up takes weeks instead of days!

Other than that, coworking gives you the flexibility to try out different options easily without having to sign lengthy contracts or pay penalties. If your business requires more or less resources from month to month, these office spaces can certainly consolidate costs while providing hassle-free leases.

With all these benefits available for small businesses, it’s no wonder more and more companies in the Bay Area are starting to rent short-term office spaces instead of committing themselves to a long-term contract. With greater flexibility, and convenience, the only thing you have to lose is the worry of finding your dream space through signing a long-term lease!

Whether you need a flexible office option, or just a convenient space to get your best work done, Office Evolution Mill Valley is your best fit! 

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