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Whether you’re a freelancer, business owner, or just starting a company, working out of your home poses many obstacles. Everything from distractions and social isolation to issues with the internet and connectivity can sabotage your productivity. If you’re ready for your own private office space in Mount Pleasant, SC – one that’s also a part of a community-driven support team – we offer several solutions. Even better, at Office Evolution® Mount Pleasant, you’ll get a distraction-free environment at a cost you can afford.

4 Types of Private Office Spaces We Offer

Having your own private office provides several important benefits. Not only does it give you a space where you can focus, complete tasks, and build your business, but it also helps boost your credibility with clients and customers.

At Office Evolution Mount Pleasant, we’re here to help with our unique working atmosphere, tailored services, and private office space options. These include:

  • A Fully Furnished Private Office. When you need your own office that is fully furnished and comes with all the amenities – including a phone, coffee and tea service, mail service, and more – this is the ideal choice. You can select from month-to-month or long-term options, offering the flexibility you need, too.
  • A Dedicated Workspace. Getting a new business off the ground is stressful. You need the right environment to focus on sales and customer service, yet one that is price-friendly without high overhead. Our dedicated workspaces offer many of the same amenities as a private office, simply at a more affordable cost.
  • A Small or Micro-Office. These small offices are arranged in a row inside a larger setting. Each one comes equipped with a sliding door and lock for total privacy, so you can make calls, finish work, and stay productive. You can also always open your door to collaborate and network with your office neighbors, providing the best of both worlds. 
  • A Dedicated Desk. This is a simple and affordable option for getting the dedicated desk space you need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. It provides plenty of desk space, ample lighting, a comfortable chair, and a cabinet where you can store and lock your belongings.

Tour the Private Office Spaces at Office Evolution Mount Pleasant Today!

At Office Evolution Mount Pleasant, we can help your business flourish in a professional setting without the stressful overhead. We offer privacy, opportunities to network, a support team, and other high-end professional amenities, all at a convenient cost. With our many flexible options, you can take care of your business needs in a way that’s a fit for your budget, maximizing your business potential in the process. 

We offer private office spaces for many professionals from:

  • Mount Pleasant
  • Daniel Island
  • Belle Hall
  • Isle of Palms
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Call Office Evolution Mount Pleasant at (843) 936-4717 to find out more about our private office spaces in Mount Pleasant, SC and joining our Ohana today.

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