Why Rent a Virtual Address in Mount Pleasant?

As a small business owner or an independent professional, renting a dedicated office might not make a lot of sense. But even if you don’t need a physical office, there are times when you’ll need a proper address for your business. The easiest workaround to this problem? Renting a virtual address at a business center like Office Evolution® Mount Pleasant.

Unsure if a virtual address is the right fit for you? Here are five reason why professionals in Mount Pleasant choose our mailbox rentals.

The Perks of a Virtual Address in Mount Pleasant

Parcel Collection

If you tend to receive a lot of parcels, renting a mailbox can have big benefits for your business. Instead of interrupting your workday to sign for incoming parcels, you can simply collect any parcels from your mailbox rental location. And unlike a PO box, a private mailbox rental can receive parcels delivered by private couriers.

Professional Materials

Many professional materials—such as invoices, business cards, and registrations—either require a mailing address or benefit from having one listed. Including your home address on these materials can give the wrong impression. But with a virtual address, the address you include will look like it belongs to a typical office in Mount Pleasant.

Online Marketing

Listing a professional address on your website can lend legitimacy to your business, if you want to include one. But there are other sites that require you to list your address. Furthermore, some online marketing service will expect a professional address—not a residential one.

Meetings in Mount Pleasant

If you’re renting a virtual address at Office Evolution Mount Pleasant, you’ll enjoy generous discounts on meeting rooms and day office rentals. Our day offices are perfect when you need to host one-on-one meetings. Meanwhile, we offer two fully outfitted conference rooms for meetings with larger groups.

Phone Answering & Coworking

Another perk of a mailbox rental at Office Evolution Mount Pleasant? The chance to bundle your rental with other professional services. By upgrading your plan, you can save on our live phone answering service and gain 24/7 access to our coworking space. Taken together, these services are a perfect combination for any small business owner who lacks a physical office of their own in Mount Pleasant.

Learn more about our virtual address services by calling Office Evolution Mount Pleasant today at (843) 936-4717 or by visiting us in person.

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