The Perks of Shared Office Space in Nashville

When some people hear “shared office space,” they think of open-plan offices or a single office shared by two or more people. But these days, the term means something much different. At Office Evolution® Nashville, for example, you can rent a private office while enjoying the shared resources of a larger workplace.

This type of shared office space is becoming increasingly popular in Nashville, TN. It offers the privacy of your own workspace, but without the no-frills functionality of a typical small office rental.

Wondering exactly what gets shared in these types of workplaces? Here’s a quick overview of how things work at our business center…

What You’ll Get with Shared Office Space at Office Evolution Nashville

Workplace Resources

A shared office space rental at Office Evolution Nashville will give you a range of shared services, equipment, and resources. By adopting a shared workplace model, we’re able to include services like live phone answering and mail management with each office rental. At the same time, we provide access to onsite meeting space and printing/scanning/copying services, which you’d need to find elsewhere with a typical small office rental.

Office Amenities

When you work at Office Evolution Nashville, you enjoy a range of shared amenities. Our office kitchen and business lounge are available 24/7 to members. We also provide free Wi-Fi, coffee, and tea to members and guests. And thanks to our location, members also enjoy access to local amenities in The Nations, including the shops and restaurants of Stocking 51.

Professional Community

An underrated benefit of shared office space is the sense of community. When you’re working side-by-side with other independent professionals in Nashville, there’s a palpable sense of creativity, energy, and purpose — one that you can harness for your own work. At the same time, you have the chance to network with local entrepreneurs, startups, and professional service providers in the local area.

Workspace Costs

When you share a workplace with other people, you also share the costs of that workplace. This makes resources more affordable for everyone, offering the cost efficiencies of a larger office. At Office Evolution Nashville, these efficiencies allow us to rent office space at competitive rates. Yet we offer the kinds of features and capabilities that you won’t find in a typical small office rental.

Discover the benefits of a shared office space rental today by visiting our business center in The Nations. Our location is easily accessed from West Nashville, Bellevue, Midtown, Metro Center Nashville, Hillwood, Sylvan Park, Belle Meade, and other Nashville neighborhoods.

Learn more about our shared office space rentals in Nashville, TN by calling Office Evolution Nashville today at (629) 255-4444.

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