What’s the Best Mailbox Rental in Nashville for Businesses?

Small business owners looking for a mailbox rental in Nashville, TN have a number of options.

To get a basic, no-frills mailbox, you can rent a PO box. If you need a slightly more business-friendly option, you can rent a mailbox at a private mailing center. And if you’re serious about business mail services, you can get a mailbox at a business center like Office Evolution® Nashville.

If you’re renting a mailbox for the first time, you might be a little unclear on what sets these options apart. To clarify things, here’s what you can expect.

Find the Right Mailbox Rental in Nashville

There are a few different reasons why a small business might get a mailbox rental.

If you work from home, you may wish to keep your home address private. Or you might want to keep business mail separate from personal mail. Business owners are sometimes looking for a place that can accept and store parcels on their behalf. And if you rent a mailbox in the right place, you can save money on small business services.

Here’s how different mailbox options stack up in these areas…

Mailing Address

  • PO Box. With a PO Box, you’ll be able to keep your home address private. The downside is that everyone who sees your address will know it’s a PO Box.
  • Mailing Center. At a private mailing center, your mailbox will come with a full mailing address. But anyone who searches for that address will see that it belongs to a mail center.
  • Business Center. At business centers, your mailbox has a private business address, giving the appearance of an actual office.

Parcel Reception

  • PO Box. USPS will accept parcels sent to your PO Box — but only if those parcels are sent through USPS. Parcels from private couriers? Those get sent back.
  • Mailing Center. Most private mailing centers will happily sign for your parcels, regardless of who delivers them. You can pick your parcels up whenever it’s convenient.
  • Business Center. Parcel reception service works just like a private mail center at business centers. Your parcels are signed for on arrival, then you pick them up whenever works for you.

Small Business Services

  • PO Box. Your local post office is a great place to send or receive mail. But if you’re looking for small business services, you’ll need to look elsewhere.
  • Mailing Center. Private mailing centers stock a range of office supplies and offer basic small business services, like printing, scanning, and copying.
  • Business Center. In the right place, a mailbox rental can give you discounts on meeting room rentals, live phone answering services, co-working memberships, and more. In fact, you can enjoy all these services right here at Office Evolution Nashville!

Want to learn more? Visit us or give us a call. Our business center is conveniently located in The Nations, minutes from West Nashville, Bellevue, Midtown, Metro Center Nashville, Sylvan Park, Hillwood, and Belle Meade.

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