5 Proven Career Benefits to Coworking in Overland Park

If you’re an independent professional, Overland Park is an amazing place to live and work. Our city is consistently ranked one of the best places in America for self-employed workers, young professionals, and small business owners. So it’s no big surprise that coworking spaces have become the next big thing in Overland Park and the rest of the Kansas City metro area.

Like Overland Park itself, coworking spaces are the perfect place to build a thriving career. Members of shared workspaces are more focused, more productive, and more satisfied with their careers. In fact, professionals in coworking spaces report thriving at levels so much higher than office workers that researchers have struggled to explain the success of these spaces.

Overland Park Professionals Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Curious why shared workspaces are such great places to work? No one’s more qualified to answer that question than the team at Office Evolution® Overland Park. Our local coworking space in Overland Park is home to a thriving community of office workers, freelancers, start-up owners, and other professionals. We see the advantages of shared workspaces in action every day — advantages like:

  1. Productivity. Shared workspaces give professionals the ideal space to optimize their productivity. Our workspaces are specially designed to optimize focus and performance, offering a refuge from distractions and interruptions. This shields workers from productivity obstacles that crop up when working from home, from a traditional office, or from the corner coffee shop.
  2. Autonomy. In a coworking space like Office Evolution Overland Park, you have total control over your work-life. With the ability to choose your own schedule, priorities, and routine, you can work the way you’ve always wanted. Just as important, you’ll have 24/7 access to a workspace away from home — crucial if you want to maintain personal and professional boundaries.
  3. Community. One of the key benefits to a shared workspace is the professional community it provides. Work-from-home professionals can avoid the isolation of their home office, and office workers can get away from workplace dress codes and office politics. The diversity and fluidity of shared work environments also makes them great places to network and make new connections.
  4. Innovation. Open layouts, fluid spaces, and diverse professional communities make shared work environments perfect for collaboration and innovation. Different skill sets and perspectives are constantly coming into contact, sparking teamwork and out-of-the-box thinking. These spaces work so well as collaborative workspaces that many employers are now modeling their own offices after shared workplaces.
  5. Resources. One of the drawbacks to working at home is a lack of resources and infrastructure. A shared workspace membership gives professionals access to these resources. At Office Evolution Overland Park, the perks of membership include access to key office equipment, free coffee and tea, staffed reception services, and discounts on meeting rooms and day office work space for rent.

Want to experience these benefits for yourself? Try out the shared workspace experience today with a free hour of coworking at Office Evolution Overland Park. Based in Overland Park’s bustling Executive Hills neighborhood, we offer the ideal shared workspace for professionals who work and live in Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, or Lenexa.

Learn more about coworking at Office Evolution Overland Park by calling us at 303-235-0989 today!

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