The Holidays are COMING!


When trying to avoid the slowdown that accompanies the holiday season, start planning early. You need to make sure that you have all of the ducks in a row so when the holidays roll around. Use all your resources. You should not be looking around for how you will be able to pay bills and follow up with client emails. Be sure that you have a savings account in place so you can avoid financial woes.

Talk to Your Team

Employees are likely to want time off in quick succession during the popular Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays that are fast approaching. Ask employees in advance which days they would like to have off and try to make a Holiday schedule that is visible by the whole team – think Google calendar. This tool can also be used to track deadlines and see who is working on which project or client. It helps when employees leave detailed handover notes that anyone in the business can understand – not just those written for specific colleagues.

Prioritize Tasks

Buying Christmas presents for your children is very important. Spending time with family is priceless. In order to enjoy the Holidays, prioritize your personal and business tasks for yourself. Then teach your team how to do the same. Host a Lunch ‘n’ Learn to discuss how to goal set and write out lists of tasks with the most important at the top. These seem like basic and common sense work practices – but oftentimes business owners and their teams get overwhelmed and are struggling to keep day-to-day responsibilities under control.

Schedule Time Off

Schedule your vacation days ahead of time and stick to it. Relax a little. Inform employees and customers when they can expect you to be off work and when you will be available again. The more informed you keep every team player involved with your business, the better off you will be in the long run. For a business owner with a small team, covering for holidays can be tricky – but it can be done without over stressing yourself.

Remember to utilize all the amenities of your Office Space including meeting roomaccess, drop-in work areas, and on-site receptionists.