Rent Mailbox Space for Your Home-Based Business in Phoenix

If you’re starting a new business in Phoenix AZ, there’s a strong chance that you’re launching your business from the comfort of home. That a situation that demands an important choice: Do you rent mailbox space in Phoenix at a local business center? Or do you use your residential mailing address for business communications?

While using your home address can save you a few dollars a month, the advantages of a private mailbox make business address services a smart investment for home business owners. When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution®Phoenix, you’ll enjoy benefits in areas like privacy, branding, marketing, and security. You’ll also have the chance to save on other professional services at our business center, services that can help you run a more effective and efficient home business.

Why Rent a Mailbox at Office Evolution Phoenix

On the fence about whether or not to rent mailbox space for your home business in Phoenix? Here’s a closer look at some of the biggest reasons why home business owners choose business address services like those available at Office Evolution Phoenix.

Privacy and Security. Using your home address for business mail can result in a number of security concerns for you and your family. Broadcasting your home address can result in harassment, solicitation, or fraud, while an unlocked mailbox can leave you or your clients vulnerable to identity theft. A dedicated business address and a lock-and-key mailbox will put these concerns to rest.

Mail Management. Without business mail services, many home business owners have problems when traveling or with parcel deliveries. But when you rent mailbox space from Office Evolution Phoenix, you don’t need to worry. We’ll hold your mail securely while you’re out of town, and we provide parcel reception services so that you’re not forced to wait around when expecting a major delivery.

Online Marketing. Today, most new businesses depend on social media and the internet for marketing. Yet many websites will not let you register a business with a residential or P.O. box address. To market your business using these websites, you could rent a dedicated office, which would cost you hundreds of dollars each month. Or you can rent a mailbox with a professional business address at a fraction of the cost.

Professional Branding. A business mailbox can make marketing your business easier both online and in real life. When you rent mailbox space at Office Evolution Phoenix, you’ll have a dedicated professional address that you can use for business correspondence and other materials. This gives the impression of a larger, office-based business, leading fewer potential clients to underestimate your business based on your home address.

Home business owners who rent mailbox units at Office Evolution Phoenix enjoy a host of further benefits, including affordability (mailbox rentals start as low as $79/month) and flexibility (we offer month-to-month and long-term rental agreements).

We also provide parcel reception services and discounts on meeting room rentals with all our mailbox rental plans. And by upgrading to a Professional Plan or a Professional Plan Plus, you can save big on two of our most popular services: access to our coworking space and virtual receptionist services, both of which are popular options for home business owners.

Call Office Evolution Phoenix at 480-436-8144 today for detailed information on how to rent mailbox units at our Phoenix AZ business center.

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