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7 Facts on Telephone Answering Services for SMBs in Summit, NJ

Phone management can be a tricky situation for small business owners and independent professionals. On the one hand, telephone reception is rarely one of your biggest priorities. On the other, you can’t just stop answering the phone. If your phone line starts to tangle up your day-to-day workflow in Summit, NJ, it’s time to consider a telephone answering service.

At Office Evolution® Summit, live phone answering is one of our most popular professional services. That’s because we’ve tailored our telephone answering services specifically for Summit’s small business and professional communities. Our telephone reception services deliver many of the benefits to hiring a personal receptionist, but at a fraction of the cost.

Telephone answering companies offer productivity, customer service, and cost management benefits. But getting value out of your phone answering provider requires picking the right one. Below, we’ve compiled seven facts that small business owners in Summit should know before choosing a  telephone answering service.

Need-to-Know Facts About Answering Services

  1. Phone Disruptions Are a Hidden Drain on Small Businesses. Call screening is a critical feature in a telephone reception company. Small businesses often underestimate the impact of spam phone traffic, which costs US small businesses roughly half-a-billion dollars every year.
  2. Receptionists Cost 10 to 20 Times as Much as Remote Answering. According to, receptionists make a median monthly salary of just over $2,800. That is 10 to 20 times what small businesses pay for high-end live answering plans.
  3. 2/3 of People Hang Up on Virtual Receptionists Each Year. Everyone’s hung up in frustration on an automated answering system at least once. In fact, a survey by American Express found that 67% of consumers had hung up on virtual receptionists at least once in the previous year.
  4. Consumers Prefer Live Answering by a 30 to 1 Margin.Almost nobody wants to hear a robot answer when they call a business number. And by almost nobody, we mean 3% of all consumers. Meanwhile, 90% of consumers voice a clear preference for live answering.
  5. Virtual Reception Increases Average Hold Times.Surveys have found that patience for hold times is declining. That’s a problem for businesses that use virtual receptionists. According to Time magazine, virtual reception increases hold times by nearly 120%.
  6. Small Businesses Struggle to Keep Up with Incoming Calls. Few numbers underscore the need for telephone answering services for your Summit, NJ small business better than this one: the average small business picks up the phone for less than 40% of all incoming calls.
  7. Remote Reception Services Mean More Time for Bigger Priorities. Live answering services from Office Evolution Summit typically save clients 2+ hours a week. That’s 100+ hours a year where you can worry about growing your business instead of managing your phone line.

Telephone Answering Services in Summit, NJ

Need a little help managing the phone lines for your small business? Telephone answering services from Office Evolution Summit offer the ideal solution.

Our live answering and remote receptionist plans include key features — like personalized live greetings, call screening and announcing, call forwarding to multiple phone lines, and a dedicated local phone number. Best of all, our plans are priced attractively for small businesses and busy professionals alike.

Learn more about our telephone answering services for Summit, NJ. Call Office Evolution Summit at 908-280-1813 today for detailed information on features and pricing.