Office Solutions for a Hectic Summertime Schedule

The kids are out of school for the summer. What does this mean for the parent who works from home?

It’s a shocking reality that many work-from-home parents aren’t prepared for. They don’t always realize how having the kids home all day every day during school breaks will impact their productivity and work culture.

If you are about to experience this wake-up call, you might be at a loss as to how to proceed with business as usual.

One of the biggest advantages of working at home, either for yourself or a remote employee for a company, is being able to adjust your schedule as needed. This is especially helpful during the summer, as you probably don’t want to work a straight eight hours when the kids are home. This flexibility allows you to schedule fun activities with them in between meetings and conference calls.

Some parents feel the need or desire to cut back on their normal working hours during school breaks. They know they won’t be as productive as they are during the school year, so they don’t try to fight it. Other parents may enlist the help of a grandparent or babysitter part-time so they can still work while ensuring the kids are well cared for.

Another viable option is to connect with a coworking space where you can drop in as needed to work in peace and quiet. This way, you can get the benefits of an office without the constant interruptions that you would get at home.

These six tips can help you create a summer strategy for balancing work and family life until the kids go back to school. Read more.

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