What’s the Best Mailbox Rental in Tampa for Businesses?

Today, starting a home business in Tampa, FL is much easier and cheaper than it used to be. But if you’re starting a business, you still need a business address. Many entrepreneurs prefer to keep their home address private. To do so, they find a mailbox rental they can use for business purposes.

If you run a home business and need to rent a mailbox nearby, you’ve got a few different options. Let’s take a quick look at three of the most popular ways to rent a mailbox, including the pros and cons for each one.

Choosing a Mailbox Rental in Tampa

Post Office

The most basic way to rent a mailbox that you might want is a PO box at your local post office. Once popular with small business owners, PO boxes have lost some of their appeal in recent years.

One reason for this is restrictions on parcel deliveries. USPS won’t accept parcels from private couriers, so any parcels sent through FedEx, UPS, or DHL will be sent back if they’re addressed to a PO box.

Another reason is the numbered mailing address used for PO boxes. This makes your mailing address instantly recognizable as a PO box. This also means you can’t use this address for virtual office purposes.

Private Postal Center

If a PO box seems like a poor fit, you might try renting a mailbox at a private postal center.

At a private postal center, you can receive parcels from private couriers. Any parcels you receive will be stored on-site for you to collect at your convenience. Plus, your mailbox will come with a stress address instead of a PO box number.

That said, anyone who checks your mailing address will immediately see it belongs to a postal center, and this will be an issue if you’re trying to run a virtual office.

Business Center

Your third option for a mailbox rental is a business center like Office Evolution® Tampa.

This is typically the best option if you’re trying to start a virtual office. At Office Evolution Tampa, each mailbox comes with a dedicated business address, formatted just like an address to a private office.

Our mailboxes are also a great choice if you need other small business services. On a basic Business Address plan, you’ll enjoy discounts on day office and meeting room rentals. And if you upgrade your plan, you can save on additional services, like live phone answering and co-working space access.

Located in Tampa’s thriving Westshore area, our location is ideal for small business owners in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Brandon, or Citrus Park who need a local mailbox rental.

Need a mailbox rental in Tampa, FL? Call Office Evolution Tampa at (813) 591-4500 today to learn more!

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