Is Working From a Coffee Shop No Longer Working For You?

Who doesn’t love working in a coffee shop? The vibrant energy of the world moving around you, the smell of fresh brewed coffee and confections, and taking a peek into a stranger’s world — one overheard half conversation at a time. There are times working from a coffee shop can be magical. Aside from that, they can be very cost effective.

For the price of a single cup of coffee, you can get access to free Wi-Fi, electricity, and a space that is not your parent’s basement. Plus, with the other patrons and small business owners that also put up their shingle under the same café roof, you can even get your socialization and business networking all in one place.

But not every day can be a magical and productive day at your “coffee office”. There will be days that working from a beloved café will be the most painful experience of your professional career.

Picture it, the local Mommy And Me group chooses your corner coffee shop to hold their meeting. Booger infested babies crawling everywhere and so many strollers that it feels like a fire hazard.

Then, there is the cell phone screamer, convinced they are required to speak-yell into their cell phone to be heard on the other end. Or even worse, the person that shares both sides of their cell phone conversation by using their speaker phone.

The most frustrating is probably the nosy neighbor that keeps peaking over at your work. You’re not working on super-secret spy work, but that doesn’t mean you want someone hovering over your shoulder all day!

Another factor to consider is that free Wi-Fi is hardly free. Buried in the terms of service above the “I Agree” box are paragraphs and paragraphs detailing all of the cookies being installed on your device and all of the various bits of information that are being collected, categorized and sold. As the saying goes, when a service is free, your data is for sale.

At Office Evolution Troy, every day can be that magical day at a coffee shop. For the same cost of your daily latte, you can experience a business center specifically designed for your needs as a small business owner. Power outlets to plug in all your electronics, secure high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary all you can drink coffee, and even the socialization and conversation that are sorely missing from the work-from-home age.

Maybe you just need to get a critical work project done and need quality heads down space for a few days without risk of the variables. We are little to no commitment to use the Office Evolution business center. Commitment always sounds like marriage; this isn’t even dating. It’s like swiping right to see the possibilities.