Small Business Work Shop Expert Highlight - Mike Steidemann

Mike Steidemann – Pontiac Intelligence

About Mike Steidemann

Mike ended up in advertising on a fluke, but what a ride it’s been! With experience on the first wave of digital advertising, the first wave of programmatic advertising, early to the social marketing game via YouTube, Mike can’t wait to see what the next big challenge is!  Mike has 20 years’ experience in media and 10 of those have been in programmatic advertising.  Mike has worked for small companies (employee #16) and large ones (running the entire $50M+ per year YouTube budget). Mike may not be a great salesperson, but he’s a pretty darn good teacher, with a special LOVE for helping people understand complicated topics via stories and analogies.


About Pontiac Intelligence

The Pontiac Intelligence platform is a self-service tool that can be used to create custom executions across multiple partners (via 3 integrated top tier DSPs) including:

  • Display
  • Online Video (OLV)
  • Connected TV (CTV)
  • Digital Out of Home (DOOH)
  • Audio Ads

We’ve democratized programmatic for the masses, by having zero minimums, and you can just swipe a credit card and go.  If you are the type of person that likes to control every facet of your plan, then we are your solution!  You can start, stop, and modify your campaigns whenever you like – the control is in your hands!  Oh, and did I mention that we have a free built in audience research tool (ART) built in, and all performance data is presented across all partners in a single dashboard? Game changer!

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