Office Evolution Troy - Podcast Guest List Recommendations

Do you have a podcast?

Do you need interesting guests?

Well, look no further because we have a network of interesting and diverse guests already interested in engaging with podcasters and sharing their wisdom.

In Alphabetical Order By First Name:

Arvind Sapra – Owner, Sapra CFO & Tax Strategy

Arvind Sapra with Sapra CFO serves as a Financial Navigator for your business.  He is a Big 4 trained CPA and has served various multinational companies.  Differing from a traditional CPA recording history in the rearview mirror, he proactively assists you in writing your story by boosting profits & cash flow via Financial Operations, Tax Strategy, and Process Improvement methods.  Arvind grew up in Rochester, has lived in various major cities, and now resides in Royal Oak.  He is a proud Spartan, avid traveler, and enjoys performing stand-up comedy.


Email: [email protected]

Cell: 248-731-5088

Dave Howarth – Owner Marketrend Appraisals, Certified Residential Appraiser, Professional Real Estate Photographer

Dave’s appraisal business has transitioned to add real estate photography services. Dave and his team are utilizing new technology to provide marketing materials for Realtors while at the same time providing a check on the square footage. Marketrend Appraisals provides continued support with certified measurement and appraisal services. Marketrend Appraisals are also connecting ourselves to a property which creates future discounts on measurement and appraisal services. Marketrend Appraisals is doing several new things which make them stand out compared to other appraisers and photographers. Marketrend Appraisals also offers insight on the current state of Real Estate and Appraisers as there are changes coming in the valuation services provided to lenders for refinance and purchase transactions.

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Cell: (248) 935-7700
Email: [email protected]

Lauren Giuliani – Lauren Giuliani Photography 

After finishing art school I felt too scared to start a business or charge money (and totally unprepared for the real world by college) so I procrastinated by teaching English abroad for 5 years. I went from being pretty shy to leading classes of 40 students and always looking like the crazy out-of-place foreigner which I think translates into my current social skills, confidence, and the way I show up in my business.
Cell: 248-404-8250
Email: [email protected]

Lauren Richeson 

Children’s Book Author, Community Leader of MIB (Moms in Business) of Macomb & Oakland, Co-Founder of WE Rise: Women Empowerment Community of Metro Detroit. Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay

Lauren would love to share about the power of getting in the room with like-minded people and how stepping out of your comfort zone can change everything you want to achieve in business & life.  By sharing my testimony and journey this past year, I hope to inspire the listeners to want to do the same by stepping out, taking a chance, and seeing what actually can happen when you do.

Instagram: @laurenricheson_mk on IG or
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 586-770-6797

Ruth Mannschreck, DDS – Owner, Shoreline Strategies, LLC

Dr. Mannschreck was a dentist in private practice for over 36 years.  Her experience includes both buying
and selling dental practices.  Her ‘lessons learned’ fuel her drive to guide other business owners in preparing their businesses to be sold  …  the way they want  …  for the price they want.
Listen to Ruth’s podcast, Team Led Business Success, available on all major streaming platforms.
Linked In:
Email: [email protected]
Cell: 586-306-7667