Small Business Work Shop Expert Highlight - Amelia Shereda

About Amelia Shereda

Amelia Shereda has been with Group Management Services for just over a year as a sales specialist. An EMU alumni with a passion for helping small businesses, Amelia’s first job was stuffing envelopes at her family’s small business nearly 14 years ago. Amelia is a dog mom to a very sassy Dalmatian and a godmother to even sassier nieces. Amelia is extremely family oriented and loves to help those around her with anything and everything. Amelia is a live music fan and I enjoy meeting new people, especially in the small business community.


About Group Management Services, Inc

GMS is a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) that focuses specifically on helping small business owners decrease employee-related costs while simultaneously streamlining and creating efficiencies in their company. GMS offerings include managing many different areas for their clients including employee benefits, worker’s compensation, 401k, payroll, and other HR tasks. GMS is self-insured for healthcare and are able to offer small businesses a unique way of creating their benefits structure that is best for their employees and their business. GMS clients each receive a dedicated HR account manager, benefits manager, and payroll specialist that is available to them whenever they need it. GMS focuses on providing their clients with the best customer service possible including providing direct lines to their account representatives vs the industry standard toll free lines with automated menus. Overall, GMS specializes in helping small business owners reclaim their time to focus on their passions.

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