Small Business Work Shop Expert Highlight - Tim Bryson

Tim Bryson has garnered a wealth of work and life experience – what he calls a master’s degree from the School of Hard Knocks. His diverse experience across a variety of industries, his lifelong quest for knowledge, and his insatiable curiosity about most everything, make him a dynamic and engaging speaker. His rise through the ranks enables him to relate to a broad spectrum of audiences, and his quirky sense of humor drives memorable connection with clients and strangers alike.

Since joining Sandler by EAM Consulting Group in 2019, he has helped entrepreneurs, sales professionals, service/delivery teams, and all levels of organizational leadership cultivate their full potential, consider challenges from a fresh perspective, and ultimately increase top- and bottom-line revenue, as well as personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

Tim is passionate about helping others achieve next-level success in their personal and professional lives. He enjoys connecting positive, growth-oriented people with each other, strengthening business relationships, and pursuing continuous improvement.

In his personal life, Tim enjoys traveling, camping, reading, country music, and a variety of nerdy interests. A lifelong Michigander, he resides in Metro Detroit with his wife Haley.


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