Small Business Workshop Expert Highlight - Cyndee Sparre

My Collective Network was birthed from a desire to overall CONNECT people. Business networking is about having a strong desire to help someone else succeed just as much as yourself. The thought that expresses this desire is the Golden Rule, “Treat Others the Way You Want to Be Treated.” 

My inspiration to make an impact in the business networking community began when I started networking in November 2019. I invested a significant amount of time seeking small networking groups that had an opening for the particular industry I represented, which was insurance at that time. 

As a result, I was driven to create my own grassroots business networking group, known as “The Collective.” 

After successfully building the business networking group, I then had a vision to create a website that would allow individuals to easily CONNECT with other networking individuals. Even better, the platform would also allow them to create their own grassroot networking group, just as I had done with The Collective. In the summer of 2022, we then launched the website 

It’s exciting to see that we now have members not only starting their own independent business network groups but also posting their networking events on the website. The website has now become a funnel of subscribers/followers that allows our members to have a farther reach in building their: 

1.) Clientele 

2.) Networking relationships 

3.) Networking group visibility 

4.) Networking event attendance 

Our tagline of “Building Connections to Build Better Communities” is the real essence of what we are doing through My Collective Network. 

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