The Perfect Solution For Tax Professionals

Every year, tax season seems to creep up on us and suddenly its April 15 and my list of client returns yet to do is still a mile long!

Perhaps you have been working from home for years or maybe you are new to the zero commute work force and maybe struggling with embracing Zoom for all of your client meetings. There are endless distractions from laundry, kids home early from school, the Amazon delivery driver or the mailman stopping you for a chat; all of those small distractions add up to possibly hours of time spent away from your work or trying to refocus on the task (or taxes) at hand.

Is it time to get your office in order and take your time back?

Great but now what? Now you need an office! But what exactly should you be looking for in an office?


Its not like you can meet your clients at a Starbucks to discuss their confidential financial information while the local soccer mom group meets at the next table over. When dealing with sensitive client information, discretion and privacy is essential.  At Office Evolution Troy, we take privacy seriously. Extra insulation and sound masking technology limit noise from traveling out of your closed door office. Frosted glass on all side lights and doors mean no one will be peaking over your shoulder while discussing deduction strategies with your client with the added benefit of minimizing your distraction levels from foot traffic outside your door.


Tax season is only a couple months. Well, maybe most of the year for some tax professionals. But your work is definitely seasonal and who wants to be locked into a year(s) long commitment and pay for something you only need for a couple months? Most of the year you happily work from home and conduct your work via zoom and email. We’ve got a solution for that too! Accountants, book keepers, auditors and all of the other tax professionals that most people don’t even know exist can sign up for an office for an hour, a couple of hours a week, month by the month or any combination in between. Office Evolution Troy is happy to work with you to determine your needs and help you reserve as much or as little space and time that you need.

Included Amenities

When thinking of an office, don’t forget all of the other things that you might need to secure right along with your office. Wifi, a coffee maker, secure file disposal, a copier/ printer, maybe a receptionist? At Office Evolution Troy, no need to worry because we’ve got it all covered.

All memberships and reservations include access to all of our business center amenities including:

  • Staffed reception to greet your clients and guests
  • Access to conference rooms to set up larger group meetings
  • Complimentary coffee, tea, ice (the *good* ice) and water
  • Wifi Credentials at CAT 6 Data Connection
  • Secure Document Disposal
  • 24/7 Access Available
  • Onsite Notary Services*

Amenities Office Evolution Troy

*Additional cost may apply

Give us a call to schedule a tour today or stop by during normal business hours, M-F, 8 AM – 5 PM! We would love to meet you, learn about your business and share a cup of coffee on us!

Do you know a tax professional that could use a space like Office Evolution Troy? Drop us a comment below and tell us about your small business needs!


Office Evolution is a locally owned and operated franchise of flexible office business centers with over 75 locations in North America. Office Evolution Troy is conveniently located at W Big Beaver Road and I-75 in the heart of downtown Troy, MI. Office Evolution Troy proudly serves the Oakland, Wayne and Macomb County areas. Office Evolution focuses on dedicated, turn key professional working solutions to give small businesses a physical center of business in today’s overwhelmingly virtual business world. Our product offering is 100% flexible and scalable from somewhere to get your mail all the way to a dedicated office, conference room space and as always, free coffee. Our goal is to help make an affordable, impactful, efficient and beautiful business center for dreamers, doers and risk takers.

Start putting your business first because we’ve got the office covered.