6 Rules of Private Workspace Etiquette

It’s hard to ignore the allure of coworking. When you first walk into a coworking office, you’re greeted by someone at the front desk. You see business owners, freelancers, and remote workers mingling around the coffee maker, sharing stories, and solving business challenges. It’s a vibrant social atmosphere that also allows you to work in the peace and comfort of a private office.

However, you should know that despite the convivial scene, private workspaces are just as prone to office faux pas as a traditional setting. If you want to fit in with the coworking culture and maximize the potential of your private office, take these six etiquette rules to heart.

CT-Stamford_0001_CT-Stamford-Private-Office1. Close Your Door When Taking Calls

Other workers within the coworking office want you to take advantage of your privacy just as much as you do. Regardless of the nature of your call, close your door so that others don’t have to hear your conversations. 

2. Silence Your Cell Phone

How many times have you heard a cell phone ring and immediately pulled yours out? The ringing of a cell phone can be a distraction to others, especially if multiple people have the same ringtone. When your phone rings, not everyone in the office needs to know about it. When it’s someone else’s phone ringing, the last thing you need is for the interruption to distract you from your work.

3. Clean Up After Yourself

When you become part of a coworking community, janitorial services are built into the fee. This means not having to vacuum the floors, take out the trash, or scrub toilets to enjoy a clean office environment. However, leaving a mess in the microwave or not throwing away your used K-cup pod can upset the entire vibe of the office. 

Think about how you’d feel if you went to put something in the fridge and someone still had leftovers from two weeks ago. Or every time you wanted to make coffee, you had to clean up spills and pick up trash to have enough space. 

Try to leave common areas better than the way you found them. If everyone does their part, the office will be a more enjoyable place to work.

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4. Think Twice About the Food You Bring to the Office

Eating lunch away from your desk might seem 

like a lost art, but try to be respectful of others around you when you bring food into the office. Foods with strong smells or foods that can’t be consumed quietly might be best avoided. 

5. Stay Home if You’re Sick

Even if you have a private workspace, you could end up sharing your sickness with others in the office. If you’re feeling under the weather, it’s in everyone’s best interest if you stay home.

6. Respect Other People’s Time

Remember that everyone in the office is there for a reason. While there will be times you want to network and socialize, make sure that you’re not intruding on someone else’s time. 

When everyone contributes to a strong office vibe, every individual can thrive in a coworking space. Want to experience the best in coworking spaces? Find the Office Evolution location nearest you and take a tour of your new office digs today!