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Paul Rios

Feb 08, 2024

Absolutely stellar customer service and support! Office Evolution in Westlake Village has everything I need to stay productive. I go to this place every time I leave the Bay Area to visit my sister and her family in Thousand Oaks. Couldn’t recommend it more.

Karen Macias

Dec 18, 2023

Our team works remotely. Some came from San Francisco, Dallas, Denver to meet a few of us located locally for our quarterly offsite. Ashlynne and the people at Office Evolutions were wonderful hosts! Three of our team members had a remote session with clients overseas before our team offsite started, and the conference room was perfect for both! Internet was solid (a key factor), lighting, even lots of nice natural light. Their kitchen was stocked with everything you would have at your office, and there are plenty of eateries right across the street.


Karen Macias, Table Group Consulting
The Organizational Health People

Maria Mier

Dec 05, 2023

Great place to cowork! Ashlynne was kind, helpful, and extremely accommodating. Look forward to working again at Office Evolution Westlake Village.

Isaac Lomprey

Dec 04, 2023

Great office space for co-working and off-site meetings! Ashlynn is very professional and runs the space well.

Hannah Bartolomea

Oct 26, 2023

Office Evolution has been my go-to coworking space, and it consistently impresses me.

What I love most about Office Evolution is the sense of community. Everyone is supportive, making it a fantastic place to work and network. The amenities are top-notch, and the events they organize add extra value to the experience.

In summary, Office Evolution is the ideal workspace – clean, friendly, and community-driven. Highly recommended!

Thanks to Tom and Ashlynne for creating such a great environment!


Sep 02, 2023

It’s so nice of a place to rent office space that they currently have all offices rented. We’ve only been here for a month, but Ashlynne (apologies if I misspelled your name) has been so helpful and is always there to answer any questions. They still have space in the common room if you just need a quiet place to get some work done and you don’t mind being around people. I definitely recommend their private offices, if any of them come off rent, but I doubt they will. It seems like anyone that rents a space will stay for the long term. Haven’t tried use of their conference rooms yet, but have toured them and they are definitely high quality.

Chris Barangan

Aug 03, 2023

Office Evolution in Westlake Village is an amazing coworking location that I would recommend with zero reservations. The office is spacious, clean, and very welcoming. Ashlynne does a very good job of managing the location and is very easy to communicate with. This is a great place to get your work done while feel like you’re “back in the office” building a network with other business professionals. Kudos to the OE Ohana down here in Westlake Village!

Paul Mikschl

Jul 17, 2023

Very nice space! Lots of different workspace options and a very nice kitchen. Really has everything you could possibly want in a workspace!

Melissa King

Jul 17, 2023

I’ve been utilizing this co-working space since the beginning of April and it’s been an amazing experience! Everyone is really nice and Ashlynne, the Director of Operations, is super friendly and helpful. The space is clean and a great place for me to get work done. I highly recommend Office Evolution to anyone working from home that would like the option to get out of the house to be social and get work done.

Kyle B

May 11, 2023

Great space and even better customer service. The gym is particularly unique. The full complement of weights as well as showers and a locker room make this the best value of coworking options in the area.

Anthony Roy

Apr 21, 2023

Jack Friedman

Aug 10, 2022

Great space and extremely helpful staff!

Matthew Smurda, Esq.

Apr 01, 2022

Office Evolution is amazing!

I first found them about 4 years ago when I hosted a meeting in their large conference room (which was spacious, accommodated all 10 participants, and had ample free parking right out front.). I then signed up for co-working and later got my own office.

I’ve stayed with them ever since and have been consistently satisfied. Tom the owner and Ashlynne the Business Manager are both great and personable. They handle any issues I’ve had quickly and efficiently.

The other members in the office space are all very nice and come from all different specialties and backgrounds (which makes for many networking opportunities.)

I highly recommend!

Jason Samose

Feb 04, 2022

Best environment to be productive. Friendly franchise owner and business manager who attend to any/all needs or requests. Casual vibe, respectful office mates who are more then happy to network, offer advice, or share a glass of wine or beer (or drink of your choice). Clean, quiet, calm – can’t beat the 24/7 access + NEW gym equipment with locker room!

Will Simons

Jan 06, 2022

Great experience!


Jan 05, 2022

Love Office Evolution! Fantastic location, wonderful management, friendly environment, plenty of parking, and excellent top tier WiFi. There’s even a gorgeous gym that I need to visit more often. Thank you Tom and Ashlynne!

Geoff McQueen

Apr 04, 2021

Silvia Berg

Feb 25, 2021

I have had many meetings and conferences at Office Evolution, it is always a wonderful experience! The different spaces are very comfortable, beautifully designed, sparkling clean, exceptional internet service, professional and friendly staff… AND coffee and beverages are available to all 🙂 Many of my clients rent their offices, virtual office spaces, conference rooms and love it! If you need a quiet and professional office space outside your home, you should check them out. The office manager Hayley and owner Tom are very welcoming!

Del A.

Jan 29, 2020

Hayley is truly a sweetheart. An extremely caring, compassionate and professional individual, who is always ready to help. OE is extremely blessed to have some one like her as a staff member.

Paul Davis

Oct 17, 2019

Hayley and the team here are always helpful. Good location. They have a coffee machine or you can walk across the street to Starbucks @Target.
Free parking.

Raphael Healey

May 31, 2019

Top notch services! High quality through and through. Recommend you take a visit and say Hello.

Howard Silver

Aug 21, 2018

Office Evolution in Westlake Village is a great place to work. The office amenities are first class and the persons in charge are wonderful to work with. I highly recommend this facility if you are looking for office space.

Arno Koch

Aug 04, 2018

Michael Kazakov

Jul 01, 2018

Tom and Hayley run a very smooth operation… extremely helpful, extremely nice and everything runs like a well-oiled machine. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Geringer

Jun 27, 2018

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