What You Get at Our Westport Coworking Space

Today, workers in Westport, CT have more options for professional flexibility than ever before. Wireless technologies have untethered workers from traditional offices, giving professionals more freedom and independence than ever before. The coworking space movement has helped this trend develop, offering a low-cost alternative to renting traditional office space.

But if you’re thinking of joining a coworking space in Westport, you’ll want to do your homework first. Different coworking spaces offer different features and workspace styles. So, you’ll need to find a coworking space that fits your work habits and professional lifestyle.

The Perks & Features of Our Coworking Space

To give you an idea of what kinds of perks you’ll find in a great coworking space, here’s what we offer at Office Evolution® Westport.

Our Workspace

When you’re joining a coworking space, the first thing to look for is a productivity-friendly workspace. If you choose a space where it’s difficult to focus or think clearly about your work, you’ll struggle professionally. But if you can find a workspace that’s designed for productivity, your career will benefit.

At Office Evolution Westport, we’ve carefully designed our shared workspace to help you make the most of each workday. Every design choice — including our furnishings, decor, and lighting scheme — is governed by best practices for productive office design.

Our Services

Working at Office Evolution Westport gives you more than just a great workspace. It also provides the resources and services of a larger office. We provide free access to high-speed Wi-Fi, complimentary coffee and tea, onsite printing, copying, and scanning equipment, and discounts on day office and meeting room rentals.

Office Evolution Westport members also have the option of upgrading their plan to include professional services. Our Live Answering and Business Address services are offered at a discount when bundled with a Shared Workspace plan, and can save you hundreds of dollars each month on office space.

Our Community

Coworking spaces like Office Evolution Westport attract a special kind of professional community. By appealing to freelancers, entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking workers, these spaces become hubs for innovative professionals.

At Office Evolution Westport, we have the added advantage of serviced office rentals, which are tailor-made for small business owners and independent professionals. This makes our space the ideal place to grow your professional network and make new connections within the Westport area.

Our Location

On top of providing an exceptional coworking space, Office Evolution Westport also offers a prime location. Our offices are centrally located in Westport, within walking distance of Main Street and minutes away from many of Westport’s top restaurants and amenities.

We’re also a quick drive from I-95, the Merritt Parkway, and the Metro-North Railroad. If you do business along the New York City / New Haven corridor, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more convenient location for your workspace.

Call (203) 635-8778 to learn more about our Shared Workspace memberships and book a tour of our coworking space in Westport, CT!

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