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10 Items to Bring to Your Shared Workspace

Have you ever experienced the frustration of going to work yet leaving behind your charger, headphones, or water bottle, only to have your productivity and mood suffer as a result? For freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, equipping yourself with the right tools to work efficiently in shared workspaces is essential. While Office Evolution offers numerous amenities, having your personal items can significantly enhance your work experience. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential items you should bring to your coworking space (or any workspace), ensuring a productive, seamless workday. Whether you’re new to coworking or a seasoned professional, we’ve got you covered with valuable insights to help you optimize your time in a shared office environment

  1. Computer

If you’ve made the choice to join a shared workspace, chances are you primarily conduct your work online, hence a computer is of utmost importance. While certain coworking spaces provide desktop computers, having your own laptop that connects to office evolutions high-speed internet allows for increased productivity, as you can utilize the available desktops as extra monitors.

  1. Chargers

When you spend most of your workday in a shared workspace or private office, it’s highly probable that your computer or phone will run out of power, making it crucial to have a charger on hand so you do not have more stress taking over your day.

  1. Headphones

Most coworking members are mindful of others and try to keep noise at a minimum. But there always comes a time when you need to tune out all distractions and concentrate on your work. Headphones are essentials to increase focus and make work more enjoyable. 

  1. Playlists

Now that you have brought your headphones, make a go-to work playlist. You can download your playlist prior to going to your coworking space so you do not need to use the internet. 

Pro Tip: Spotify creates curated playlists titled, “Creativity Boost”, “Deep Focus”, and “The Office Stereo”.

  1. Water Bottle 

Staying hydrated during the workday is crucial for maintaining your focus, concentration, and energy levels throughout the day. bringing a reusable water bottle is an eco-friendly choice that can help reduce your environmental impact. 

  1. Snacks

Don’t forget your snacks! Although most Office Evolution locations will provide snacks, it is always important to have your go-to snacks. Your brain needs extra energy to keep you going through the day. Eating snacks will decrease irritability and increase productivity. 

  1. Business Cards

Networking with other professionals who share your interests is one of the major advantages of working in a shared workspace. It presents opportunities to connect with potential business partners, so it’s crucial to have your business cards readily available. This way, you can easily distribute them to fellow workspace members and visitors, fostering valuable connections.

  1. Coffee Mug 

Coffee is included at all Office Evolution locations and the best way to drink free coffee is in your own coffee mug. Work can be draining and having a little momentum from home that has an inspirational saying, a picture of your family, or a pretty picture on it can make the work day a bit more fun. It will also be a conversation starter in your coworking space. 

  1. Light Jacket/Sweater 

It is important to remember you can not control the temperature during your workday when you are sharing a space. Having a sweater or a light jacket with you can help you stay comfortable and focused, even if the temperature drops unexpectedly. 

  1. A Positive Attitude 

A positive attitude can make you more approachable, which can lead to more opportunities for collaboration, feedback, and support. It also will create a positive work culture in the shared workspace. At Office Evolution we promote a sense of community and inclusivity and a little smile goes a long way!

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Next time you pack your bag for the workday, be sure to include these essential items for a successful and enjoyable day at your shared workspace. If you bring these 10 items and utilize the many amenities Office Evolution offers, you are guaranteed to have a great workday. Find an Office Evolution location near you today to find a space that suits your work style and pace!

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