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5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home Office to an Office Rental

If you’re a home-based entrepreneur, you might feel like your home office is holding back your business. Home offices are great for starting a business, but they can put a ceiling on productivity and profitability. An office rental might be just what your business needs to reach its full potential. 

Home Offices Place Limits on SMBs

Office Evolution® is the first place many local small business owners go when upgrading from a home office to an office rental. Thanks to years serving entrepreneurial class, we’re more than familiar with the red flags that crop up with a home office. If you’re running into problems with growth or productivity, an office rental at Office Evolution may be the next the step for your business.

Here are five signs it’s time to swap your home office for an office rental…

  1. You Need More Revenue-Generating Hours. Working from home comes with many non-revenue-generating tasks. You’re your own receptionist, janitorial service, IT team, and office manager. An office rental can limit these roles and make your work hours more efficient.
  2. You Need More Space and Better Resources. Your home office no longer has the infrastructure to support your business, but you don’t have the time to put your business on pause for a reno. An office rental offers a pre-furnished, ready-to-work space that’s already built for your needs.
  3. You Need Somewhere for Meetings. In the past, you’ve been able to hold meetings at your clients’ workplaces or in local coffee shops. Now you need access to your own meeting space. An office rental offers an affordable solution, with dedicated by-the-hour conference areas.
  4. You Need to Reach New Clients. Your home office has isolated you from a thriving business community and has limited your reputation. An office rental makes it easier to network and gives your business a more professional image.
  5. You Need to Separate Home and Work. Working from home has broken down professional-personal boundaries. You’re distracted during work and personal time, causing issues with both. An office rental can give you the private, away-from-home space you need.

What You Get with an Office Rental

When you make the upgrade to an office rental with Office Evolution, you’ll immediately feel the difference compared to your home office. Here are some of the most important reasons why small business owners choose us when they make the leap from home office to an office rental.

  • Dedicated, private office space where you can optimize focus and productivity.
  • All the furnishings, essentials, and equipment you need to hit the ground running.
  • Bright and spacious design.
  • A thriving, professional community of business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Access to professionally equipped conference rooms.
  • Staffed reception, phone answering services, and on-site management.
  • Premier location near amenities and top businesses

Make your business a part of the Office Evolution community. Contact us today for information on available office rentals.