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About FinnPREP
FinnPrep prepares students to ACE the ACT. A high score means more scholarship money. Since 2012, our students have averaged a 5-point score increase on the ACT. We provide 1:1 tutoring on all sections of the ACT, as well as test-taking strategy tips that get results. FinnPREP coaches help teens boost their scores through accountability check-ins to make sure they are doing the work, regular parent updates, and growth mindset training that enables them to think positively.

What sets FinnPREP apart from your competition?
Unlike ACT prep books and on-line tutoring, FinnPREP takes the student (and family) by the hand and guides them through the entire test-prep process so that they feel truly confident about their readiness. We remove the stress that accompanies the transition from high school to college.

How has the industry changed since your business has been around?
ACT test prep and college counseling is an industry that has seen tremendous growth due to increasing competitiveness for scholarships. Parents who want the best for their child are willing to invest in test prep as a way to reduce higher education expenses through scholarships and increase the chances of their child winning acceptance to the campus of their choice.

Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?
FinnPREP is in growth mode! We are bringing on more in-person and digital options to accommodate the needs of Corridor families who are on the move but want to continue preparing for college and the ACT wherever they are.

If you were to provide our readers with one business tip that could help their business grow…what tip would you provide?
Always be on the lookout for growth opportunities and don’t be afraid to seize them.

What do you like most about Office Evolution?
I like and appreciate the people who run the Office Evolution space, and I enjoy the
other entrepreneurs who work here.

Why did you choose Office Evolution?
OE has a convenient location, modern facilities, and multiple services for one price

Is there one particular benefit of Office Evolution that has helped you with your
Access to other entrepreneurs is a benefit because they understand what goes into building a business from the ground up and can offer advice when obstacles arise. There’s nothing better than learning from other business pros!

Written by: Office Evolution Cedar Rapids

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