ABC/NBC Feature: Michael Wielgus of OE Jacksonville, FL

The Coronavirus has impacted everyone and every market segment. However, for the shared workspace industry, this may be the start of something much bigger.

Many companies have temporarily sent home their workforce. While working from home has presented its own set of challenges, many of us are left wondering if this is the new norm.

FirstCoast News, an ABC Affiliate out of Jacksonville, FL, recently sat down with Office Evolution franchisee, Michael Wielgus, to talk the current state of business today.

Wielgus is a franchise owner of two Office Evolution locations in Jacksonville, FL. The concept of the company is pretty simple: anyone from a small business owner to a corporate CEO to a medical student can rent space, for whatever amount of time they need.

Between conference rooms, single offices, shared workspaces and team workspaces, Wielgus said the locations offer more effective space for companies that may not need to rent a large office or multiple floors of a skyscraper.

“[The clients] can really have what they want, when they want it,” Wielgus said. “We would have everything from a business address on the low end, all the way to team offices. And you have conference rooms and coworking in-between.”

The idea of the concept is to build locations close to where workers who would normally commute and live. Parents can be closer to their children’s schools and companies can cut down on a physical footprint.

Coworking is in high demand. JLL reports that coworking currently represents 1.6% of commercial real estate and is projected to grow to 30% by 2030.

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